My 24th Year Summed Up In 24 Words

Hello and welcome back. In just a few days I will be entering my mid 20s, that’s right I am already 25 and this blog is nearly 6 years old, which is crazy to think. I never know how to talk about birthdays online as I’m not a huge fan of them (if it’s my own). I wanted to put a little spin on the ’24 things I’ve learn’t in 24 years’ post you see floating around and do it a little different. With 24 words that sum up my past year. It’s going to be short and bitter sweet and I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check back in, in a couple weeks time for another post. For now lets dive in…

The past years has been:
1. Scary
2. Lonely
3. Exciting
4. Restrictive
5. Personal
6. Self Suficient
7. Anxiety inducing
8. Cosy
9. Busy
10. Fast paced
11. Creative
12. New
13. Heartbreaking
14. Bittersweet
15. Eye opening
16. Fresh
17. Unknowing
18. Lucky
19. Quiet
20. Forgiving
21. Joyous
22. Dreamy
23. Grateful
24. Accepting

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