What A Year In Loungewear Taught Me

It’s no surprise that a Taurus like me has spent the last year in nothing but lounge wear, like seriously if I do not need to wear ‘proper clothes’ then I absolutely will not. Comfort is key and an essential in my wardrobe. The past years I’ve been flicking from one trackie to another and my wardrobe hasn’t really had it’s day however, not wearing ‘proper clothing’ has made me look at my wardrobe in another light and today I’m going to share my thought and feelings on that with you.

What Actually Excites Me

I’ve realised that life is too short not to express myself through my clothing. I’m so over wearing black dull boring items when I can wear bright clashing colours that looks just as stylish and chic as a classic monochrome outfit. In the past year and a half I have absolutely fell in love with bright colours, pastels and clashing prints. This is all so surprising as I never used to like bold statement items. Now as I write this I’m wearing a baby blue co-ord knit, a colour I could have sworn to hate for years.

When I get dressed ‘properly’ and go out I want to wear exciting, bold items that make me feel really good on the inside. I love my lounge wear but if I’m going all out I wanna look the part.

Wear My Garments Come From

I have always been conscious of the fast fashion industry however, I am not perfect and still shop at the likes of ASOS etc. Moving forward I want to start implementing more smaller, eco-conscious fashion brands into my wardrobe. There are so many amazing dress makers and designers starting businesses and I want to do my best to support them where I can. A few of my faves are the likes of Molby & Roop.

I want to never buy an item just to match an outfit, I want to buy an item to match my whole wardrobe. I’ve always been an outfit repeater but there are certain parts of my shopping I need to tighten up on.

De-Clutter & Donate

When de-clutting you really need to think, ‘when am I going to wear this’ and ‘was that a lie I just told myself’. We don’t need endless wardrobes full of clothing but if you want that and you wear it all to death then you do you. For me I’ve always been a shopper and a slight sentimental hoarder but in recent months I have really got my wardrobe down to what I actually will wear and not something I’ve been saving for years kidding myself that I will wear out the house next weekend and guess what? Never do.

I have donated & depopped a lot. Give your unloved clothes a new life with a clothes swap with friends, donating to charity (when you can) or selling on depop. Remember the next time you are shopping to ask yourself wether this item is a forever in your wardrobe or just a fad trend you probably won’t like next month, if so run away immediately.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post, come back soon for another. Until next time…


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