How To Be More Sustainable This Christmas

Hello & welcome back to Bitchin’Blonde. I’m sorry it’s been a while, it’s really difficult working full time, looking after myself & dedicating time to my hobbies, but you already know this. I’m going to try make a few more appearances in 2021 but hey don’t hold me to it. Anyway, todays post is coming to your just in time for Christmas. I want to talk about how we can all be a little bit more sustainable this year, in 4 super easy ways. So let’s jump straight in…

Can It be Recycled?
When wrapping presents, check if your wrapping paper can be recycled or re used? Can you avoid single use plastic & opt for paper wrapping. Most years I have always used string & brown paper, however, I was still using pesky cello-tape which isn’t the best. So I have opted for a recycle-able tape as well as following a few ‘no tape’ tutorials on YouTube. There’s a bunch of super helpful tips and tricks online when it comes to no tape wrapping, I will leave my fave link here.

Avoid Plastics
It’s a little worrying sometimes walking into a supermarket and seeing hundreds of packets of fruit and veg all strink wrapped in plastic. Supermarkets in the UK seem to be conscious and trying to make small changes here and there but there are things you can do to help too! Avoid buying your produce in plastic packs. Opt for loose weighed items and take your own bag to carry them home in! There is no need to place different fruits & veggie into single use plastic bags. Also Avoid the big supermarkets and visit your local fruit & veg shops. My faves in Liverpool are Mattas on Bold Street & Adams Apples on Allerton Road.

Work The Wardrobe
We are so over influencers wearing their garments once and selling it on depop the next week to fund there one wear Instagram post. So shop your wardrobe, change things up with accessories and give the garments you love their wear! There’s no point buying a brand new flashy outfit unless its going to get its wear and tear. Avoid the once a years two pieces and be an outfit repeater, it’s cute & conscious.

Your Independents Need You
It’s been a really rough year for everyone, there’s been a lot of job losses, recession is looming over everyone and the cost of living seems to constantly be on the rise while wages aren’t. So if you are fortunate enough to be able to buy gifts this year, look towards your independents. I can promise you Jeff Bezos doesn’t need anymore of your money but the independents do. Your not funding their third home or fourth car, you’re supporting their bills, their grocery’s or even their children’s school books! It’s really important that in such hard times we try to look after one another. Please see below some of my absolute fave independents!

To The Moon
Le Bibliotheque
Mary Mary Florals
Eleanor Bowmer
Good Liverpool
Mon Petit Chou
The Chain Designs
Shake CBD
Studio Palm
Grass Hopper Designs
Peachy Den
July Child
Mood Good Jewellery

Thank you so much for coming here & reading my little post! I’ll try to be a bit more regular in 2021. Until next time… E x



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