The Best Night Sleep With Shake CBD

Welcome back to a blog post you didn’t know you needed until now. This week I am going to be talking to you about CBD & how my life’s improved since taking Shake CBD.

Let’s start with what is CBD?

CBD has been on my radar for over a year now and it’s been something I have always wanted to take but I felt really nervous as I had a preconceived idea that CBD gets you high however, CBD or cannabidiol does not get you high or stoned. It is a compound extract from the cannabis plant & is completely legal. I also was put off taking it because I thought it would taste awful but I was wrong Shake supply an orange flavoured oil which makes taking it not a chore and more part off my daily routine, it’s delicious. 

Why I take CBD?

I started taking CBD because it’s most known to help with anxiety & mental clarity but that’s not just it. CBD can help with your immune system, your mood, help with workout recovery as well as sleep. Which is a place I suffered most. It’s no shock to my friends that I love my sleep and could happily sleep all day everyday but it was starting to become a little bit of an issue, there wasn’t much getting done when I was sleeping for 13-14 hours every weekend!

What’s changed since taking it?

Since taking Shake CBD I feel a lot less anxious and I feel it helps give me mental clarity to help with the days I am feeling anxious, especially with everything that’s going on right now with Covid 19. It has also changed my sleeping pattern for the better. On weekdays I get a solid 9 hours per night, I get up super early for work and it always used to be a struggle however, lately I feel like I have such a deep comfortable sleep without interruptions that when I do wake up early it’s not a battle to get out of bed! I feel like it has really helped even out my sleeping pattern creating more of a uniform between my weekday & weekend routine.

Where you can get yours?

I have loved taking Shake CBD 500mg full spectrum orange flavoured oil. Shake is also an independently run company based here in Liverpool, so it’s a great indy brand to support! There a lot more information over on their Instagram, which you can check out here. As well as lots more products such as bath salts which have become a firm favourite of mine this month, the perfect relaxation essential! 

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post please leave me a comment below if you’re taking CBD and how it’s helped your lifestyle…


Until next time…


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