FAO: Your Makeup Bag – High-end Edition

Hey bitches and welcome back to another blog post, today I am following on from my last FAO: Your Makeup Bag but this time it’s all about high-end makeup, for those who like to splurge. So let’s jump in with one of my most loved items…

The Best Kind Of Chocolate Bar 

So I hate to admit it but I’ve owned the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for 5 years and yes I still use it and to some surprise I still haven’t hit pan on it and I use it quite often. This palette is perfect for creating an every day look but it’s really easy to take it to an evening look, which is why I always take it with me when I go on holiday. I can pretty much do everything I need with just this one palette. If you are looking for an everyday palette or you’re just getting into makeup and love a brown smokey eye, this is your guy!

it Cosmetics CC Cream 

I bought the it Cosmetics CC Cream just under 2 years ago after forgetting to pack a foundation for my trip to the states, I clearly didn’t have my head screwed on so when I arrived I hit up the closest Sephora. I kind of already knew I was going to buy this as it was on my wish list and I am so glad I did! I LOVE this stuff it’s not too matte it has more of a satin finish however, it’s full coverage and doesn’t feel like you are wearing a mask! I’m not much of a foundation girl currently but when I am this is my go to. I honestly can’t recommend this enough and I don’t know why it’s not an makeup artists go to because it wears beautifully!
A Magic Wand

This was a product I didn’t know I needed till I got it! Hands down this formulation and applicator is one of my absolute faves for highlighter. It’s fuss free and seamlessly blends with my foundation. If you are a highlighter junkie then the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand in the shade Spotlight is a must, you immediately need to get yourself to a CT counter. These things are incredible and I understand they are pricey but I think these are a gateway drug to the world of CT because now I’m obsessed with the brand…

Flawless Filter

An by obsessed I mean it because the next two products are both Charlotte Tilbury, sorry not sorry. We have Flawless Filter next up which is my absolute ride or die at the minute especially since I’ve just completely gone off of heavy foundation. I’m more of a light coverage kinda gal these days so this mixed with a little concealer for the base is just so beautiful and it gives such a healthy glow to the skin. You can for sure go over board but it’s that flawlessly stunning I don’t even care.
52CE1D61-CA9A-4780-B237-C342F1042652-C1312088-CF85-4D0B-A32E-C6979047D127Feelin’ Like A Film Star 

Last up on the CT bandwagon is the Film Star Bronze & Glow compact. Had it for years absolutely love it and I’m yet to find a bronzer thats high end or drug store that I’d replace it with plus it’s perfect for travel (unless you smash the highlighter like me lol). There’s not much to say aside from it’s stunning and a very pricey treat indeed., I don’t know how I let myself buy this.

Park Avenue Princess 

Another bronzer that I love but could never replace CT is the Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer. I have really been loving Tarte as a brand lately and it’s a brand I want to buy into more and since this bronzer went viral on YouTube I felt it was a great starting place and it really did get all that love and attention for a reason. It’s flawless, pigmented and the shade is spot on with being to red or too ashy.
She’s Called Becca

If you don’t already own a Becca Highlighter what are you waiting for?! The creamy, butter soft satin finish is waiting for your skin! God damn, these are seriously the best highlighters I have ever used and there’s just no powder highlighter that could possibly replace these guys for me!

Match Sticks

Fenty Match Sticks, a gift from a goddess. I own three of the blush shades and I adore them I think these were the products that got me into creams all together! They blend beautifully and are perfect for travel and I love how they are magnetic so you can attached them together, makes for a great travel partner in your makeup bag.

The O.G

Like the real O.G, you know MAC Lipsticks every makeup lovers reliable go to that we’ve all lost on a night out once or twice, R.I.P. Whenever I’m on the hunt for a new lipstick and feel extra spendy I always head to the MAC counter because they are always a safe bet. With so many different finishes and colours there’s always one for you! I also love their Back To Mac scheme where you can return 6 empties and replace them with a lipstick of your choice.
Loaded Lip Lacquers 

Now my final high-end product you need to get to know are Nars Lip GlossesNars Lip Glosses. I’m super lucky to have been sent some of their products in the past and there Loaded Lip Lacquers didn’t disappoint. They are full coverage like a lipstick but have a beautiful glass like finish which I adore and it kind of a big trend nowadays ion the industry. Nars glosses are something I want to invest more into for sure as they are so comfortable to wear.

There we have it the end of my two-part series on my ultimate go to products from the drug store & high end counters! I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget you can see what I’m regularly wearing on my face over on my Instagram account here!

Until next time…

*This Post Contains Gifted Items*


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