FAO: Your Makeup Bag | Drugstore Edition

10C3371E-E51B-4494-9D1D-3A51A4E1DBA3-938B9DD3-3443-474E-8C9D-0D051A196C96Hey bitches, welcome back to another post. This week I am discussing my absolute favourite drugstore beauty products that I would re-purchase time and time again, they are that good! So let’s jump straight in with one of my favourite concealers ever made…

Pot Of Dreams 

Now this brand is so hit & miss for me but this one product is stunning and i’m shocked at how flawless it looks on this skin. Now I’m talking about the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Fix Pot Concealer. It literally reminds be of the MAC Studio Finish however, this one is only £7 and is currently half price at Superdrug for £3.50 like?! How could you not pick one up? Full coverage and perfect if you are looking to cover blemishes, acne etc.

The Only Loose Powder I Need

Now I am an oily girl so naturally I have to set my face makeup as well as under eye after applying concealer to stop it from creasing and there is only one powder I ever use and that is the Coty Airspun Loose Powder. I’ve had the Laura Mercier Loose Powder and I love it but the price isn’t pretty and I think this Coty Airspun is just as good maybe even better! This is probably my third pot (it lasts an extremely long time). It’s probably been in my makeup bag for the last four years +.
A Bit Of A Collection

The next five products are all from one brand which is Collection. Everything from the brand is extremely affordable and these products are my ride or die from the brand. Despite working for the company these are products I see myself continuing to buy wether I work for them forever or move on in the future, no biased opinions here. Let’s start with the face. Setting sprays can be pretty expensive from other brands and I’ve found it pretty difficult to find one from a drugstore brand I like which doesn’t smell like alcohol. Their Primed & Ready dewy fixing spray is perfect and I couldn’t imagine my makeup routine without it. Next up for the face category is blush I am obsessed with their You Do You Cheek & Eye Tint in the shade ‘Bare’, it’s the most perfect nude kinda peach blush ever. I haven’t stopped using it since I got my hands on it! Onto brows I have two absolute holy grails from them which is there incrediBROW eyebrow kit, I prefer powder in my brows for a more natural look. I then top off my brows with their Colour Lash Mascara in clear. This stuff is glue and I refuse to believe there is a better brow setter out there, boy brow who sorry? Last up is an absolutely beauty community fave which is the Lash Surge Mascara, I can not recommend this enough it’s not a want it’s a need. You won’t understand how good it is for the lashes until you try it!
Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes

So I haven’t really ventured far into the Morphe brand itself despite it having great reviews on their foundation, setting sprays and lip liners. I have however, dove head first into their eyeshadow palettes, even owning some still with their old branding on. I have always looked to their eye shadow palettes as they are great value for money, pigmented and on trend when it comes to collaborations and colours. My current favourite Morphe palette is the 15H Happy Hour due to the peachy undertones in the shadows, it’s my perfect go to.

Shade 42 Apricot 

Now this wouldn’t be a blog post about drugstore makeup if I didn’t mention Rimmel London Lipsticks, you just can’t fault them. The only bad thing about them is the fact I don’t own all of them. My go to is a Kate Moss one in the shade ’42 Apricot’. The most perfect pinky nude ever, gorgeous all year round and are only £5.99 like it’s crazy how good this product is for so little money! If anyone asks my to recommend them a lipstick it’s 100% this one.
Line Em Up

To match the perfect lipstick you need a liner and my go to drugstore lipliners are the Slide On Glide On ones by NYX Cosmetics. Literally not a fault can be found with these guys. They have a really good selection of colours to mix and match with lipsticks. My go to shade is Nude Suede Shoes another beauty blogger favourite!

And there it is my little for the attention of your makeup bag and bank account lol. I hope you enjoyed this post and there will be a high end edition coming soon. Keep those eyes peeled…


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