What I’ve Been Listening To This Month

Hey bitches, welcome back to another post. This week I’m sharing with you my recent at home groove list. Between the make shift working from home station and commutes to the office I’ve created a new playlist ironically called the driving play list, *insert car emoji here*.  So I thought I’d run through with you guys some of my fave artists and songs at the moment.

Now I want to start by saying there isn’t really a reason as to why these songs are all collated together on the playlist aside from the fact it’s just what I’ve been recently searching on Spotify the last month. There a nice balance between old records and some new releases so let’s start with Soccer Mommy. The sweet smooth sounds from Soccer comes in the form of ‘Bloodstream’ on the new 2020 ‘Colour Therapy’ album but also ‘Scorpio Rising’ from the 2018 ‘Clean’ album. She’s been somewhat of someone new I’ve been recently getting into and I kinda resinate to her lyrics. She’s on my list of artists I really want to see perform live. For now it’s just me screeching her songs into my webcam for whoever is watching…

Hayley Heynderick ‘Oom Sha La La’ from the 2018 ‘I Need To Start A Garden’ album reminds me dearly of being a uni student or just when I get into really rough spots and my mind literally feels like mould and all I want to do is produce fresh fruit and veg for myself in an allotment. Whenever this comes on I remind myself that I need to sign up for that damn allotment space. Another song note of hers is ‘The Bug Collector’ it has such a romantic undertone to it of doing anything for someone even if it’s putting a priest in a jam jar.

Phoebe Bridgers one of my favourite artists for around two years now and no doubt forever. She makes a huge appearance on this playlist. I really look forward to hopefully seeing her live again soon. I love her writing style and I really didn’t know what I was in for when it came to connecting with her music and lyrics. So on that note one of my fave songs from her is ‘Didn’t Know What I Was In For’ by Better Oblivion Community Centre, it’s a wake up call to the ‘plastic money to be made’ in the world we live in, sadly. I also have Motion Sickness (of course), I See You and her cover of Friday I’m In Love, to celebrate time off from a hectic week. This probably isn’t the end of Phoebe on this playlist as her new album ‘Punisher’ just dropped and I am sure ill be adding a little bit of that to my little yellow car.

That’s pretty much it for today’s post you can check out the rest of my playlist here for more of my fave current artists. You can also search Erin Tisdale on Spotify to find some more funky tunes and playlists. Until next time… logo1


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