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1C103E09-C691-43BE-B96D-47547A65C508Right now more than ever I just want to sit in bed, watch Netflix guilt free and wait until this living nightmare comes to an end. As much as it’s been great being creative it’s also been a 50/50 divide and never wanting to leave my bed. I am very much a home body and a creature of comfort. I understand that like myself there are many of you out there who are over the morning routines, the whipped coffees and making banana bread. If you’re not over it, that’s cool but there are some of us who just wanna pass the time with a little TV, so here I am bringing you some of my favourite binge worthy shows to pass the time.

‘Money Heist’ has been my latest watches on Netflix and it’s one of the best crime series I’ve watched in a while. A quick synopsis: Red jumpsuits & Salvador Dali masks keep the identity of a group of robbers who plan to execute the largest heist Spain has ever seen.   Every move has been strategically planned out by The Professor who is always 1 step ahead. Other notable crime series I recommend are; ‘Tiger King’, ‘The Pharmacist’, ‘Making A Murderer’, ‘Prison Break’, ‘Innocence Files’, ‘Power’ and ‘How To Fix A Drug Scandal’.

‘Hunters’ (available on Amazon Prime) has been easily one of my top watches so far of 2020 and with lockdown I have watched A LOT of TV. A quick synopsis: Imagine a Tarantino inspired series set in the late seventies, New York City. A group of Nazi Hunters discover that Nazi war criminals are planning a Fourth Reich and they set out to stop them in their path as well as discover that these criminals have been been relocated to the U.S by the government under ‘Operation Paperclip’. Other notable drama series I recommend are; ‘When They See Us’, ‘Mind Hunter’, ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’, ‘The Alienist’.

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Two very famous series in Sci-fi and fantasy pop culture has to be ‘Stranger Things’ & ‘Rick & Morty’. I recommend both, especially is Sci-fi is your thing you have the option of something a little more serious that needs more attention, Stranger Things. If you however, are looking for a super easy watch or ‘background noise’ Rick & Morty is perfect.

Reality TV
Now I never in a million years thought I would be a reality tv girl, it’s just not my thing and never has been until these two shows came into my life. ‘Queer Eye’: a group of 5 (fab) men travel round the states helping men who have been nominated for a lifestyle ‘makeover’. Not only is this series extremely heart warming, which is why I love it. I also love that the series touches on current politics in America, it’s very educational and seriously worth a watch if you haven’t already.

Now for show that will always have a special place in my heart, ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’. This show was recommended to me last summer by a close friend, I was in a rough little spot and I just wanted something to take my mind of it and oh how it did. If you aren’t familiar Ru Pauls Drag Race is a Drag Competition to be America’s/or UKs next Drag Superstar. Ru helps guide contestants in work shops and challenges then transforms to do the judging and elimination. Seriously if you aren’t laughing while watching you will probably be trying to cover your brows with a prit stick.

So I am not much of a comedy girl, as you can tell I am way more into Crime & Drama series however, sometimes I like to have something on that I don’t really need to pay 100% attention too or I just want something that isn’t serious. You know when it’s been a long day and you just want to chill out well these are the shows for you. ‘Community’ this show took me so long to get in to however, it’s now the show I cross stitch to. It’s about a a Lawyer who has to go to community college in order to get the bachelor degree he faked. During college he forms a study group of misfits which lead every episode with their crazy yet daily life at College. Other notable comedies to watch are ‘Big Mouth’ and ‘End Of The F***ing World’.

There we have it a very long list of TV series to keep you entertained at home while we are in lockdown. Until next time…
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