Things Every Twenty Something Should Know

Hello and welcome back to Bitchin’Blonde. A week ago I got another year older, that’s right I left being 23 and became 24 overnight. Despite approaching my mid twenties I sometimes feel like a 17 year old and other times a 47 year old lol. I wanted to do a blog post around my birthday but I was pretty unsure of what to do as things are a little tricky in lockdown until I came up with this idea, so I hope you all enjoy and are making the most our of your twenties.

Things every twenty something should know;

1. You don’t have to have a degree in order to get a good job
2. Saving for a house is really hard so if you can start early but still have fun
3. Life pulls us in different directions we didn’t think we would go and it’s cool
4. You don’t need to be in your dream job right now
5. You’re gonna realise the working world is brutal AF
6. Get to the bottom of your issues and always self-care
7. Friendships end and it can be a positive thing
8. You’ve already met some incredible people, cherish them
9. Break ups suck but they don’t suck forever
10. Say yes more than you say no
11. Make as many memories you can with loved ones
12. Enjoy the sunshine
13. Personal belongs do not define who you are
14. Being kind is everything, so be kind to everyone
15. Have a creative escape, that’s just yours
16. Take lots of photos
17. Your mental health is extremely important
18. Let grudges go, you’ll feel better
19. You don’t need to have the pet, the partner or the property figured out, there isn’t a date for this kind of stuff
20. Forgive your self
21. Don’t expect anything without a fight
22. That ‘high-school’ mentality doesn’t fade for some but you can fade it out
23. Remember that some of the best memories and people are on their way to see you
Thank you for coming to my blog to read my rambling, until next time…


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