How Working From Home Is Really Going + Tips

Erin-Tisdale_31st-Sep_Edit-5Welcome back bitches to another blog post. So since lockdown a lot of people are working from home, myself included. I am now entering my fourth week, which can I add has absolutely flew by, it’s kinda crazy. I kinda wanted to give you guys a little run down of how it’s going and give some tips i’ve learnt in the past few weeks. Of course everyone is different and this is my first time in any job working from home (aside from my third year of university, but I dunno if that counts). Any way lets go a head with the rundown…

Week One

I was super motivated, woke up early and was like raring to go everyday. I really enjoyed and still do enjoy working from home. I feel a lot more motivated and in my own little creative bubble. The hole first week was like adjusting making sure I was able to get all my work done to the deadlines and it was pretty sweet. Clocking off and not having to do an hour and a half commute home everyday kinda meant that the creativity was still going at 5:00pm which I feel has done well for my person life, hobbies etc. So yeah after week one I was like this is sweet, I can do this.
Erin-Tisdale_31st-Sep_Edit-19Erin-Tisdale_31st-Sep_Edit-20Week Two

Oh week two you was different. I woke up like 30 minutes before every shift. Which is super not like me, due to the commute to my job am a proper early bird however, week two proved me wrong. I fall asleep probably between 10-11pm most nights and I have been waking up at like 8:30am like how am I possibly needing 9+ hours everyday? I don’t know what’s happened because my working hours are much less but I am like exhausted everyday and I feel kinda bad about it. I am lucky enough to work from home and still have my job and I’m in the comfort of my own home but my body and brain is like tired 24/7. I have no idea why…
Erin-Tisdale_31st-Sep_Edit-27Erin-Tisdale_31st-Sep_Edit-35Week Three

So this tiredness has followed me into week three but I am trying to not let me bother me so much, maybe I need the sleep? For week four I am planning to try and get up a little earlier but if not no problem. I do love my sleep, if I could I’d have a solid 13 hours a night. But aside from sleep week three has been pretty normal like most working weeks, my job continues pretty ‘normal’ with a few step backs. I really enjoy my job and I am a home body so working from home feels pretty natural for me however, there has been a few things I have noticed that really help set me up for the day so I wanted to share them.
Erin-Tisdale_31st-Sep_EditErin-Tisdale_31st-Sep_Edit-13My Best Practises;

Don’t work in your pjs. Now I am a huge comfy person and I am yet to put ‘proper’ clothes on. I like loungewear, I like to be comfortable so I make sure I get up, get washed and change into a different comfy outfit.

I do my AM skincare routine, I am really trying not to slack because this is something I would do every AM prior work. I never wear make up by the way. I know I am a huge self confessed makeup lover but I actually never really the stuff, especially not for work. My acne-prone skin can’t handle it. So I make sure I do my skin care and do my hair, even if that means throwing it in a scruff bun!

Have a set lunch time. So important. In work I usually have my lunch at 1pm so at home I have my lunch at 1pm. I feel like it helps my divide up the day, I have my AM to do list and PM to do list. Working towards having my AM list finished by 1pm helps me stay focused.

Make sure you clock off. Just because you are at home and its easier to access your computer doesn’t mean you should surrender your personal life. Clock off for the night an go do something else you enjoy. For me I am blogging a bit more and seriously enjoying watching everything on Netflix.

Set up a little work station. If possible set up a sweet little working spot. I am based in my dining room 1. because I have a desktop 2. If I worked from bed or my sofa everyday there is a 70% chance i’d end up napping and missing a team call, which would be pretty bad. So yeah a little work station that you can keep tidy and organised with everything you need for just your job, not your life. For me as long as I have a cuppa tea and my to do list along with a phone charger, I am pretty sweet and will find that I won’t really need to leave this room when working and go wandering round my house because everything I need is a fingertip away.

So yes thats my little rundown from working from home. I hope these tips can help and if you have any you wanna share please drop them below in the comments section. Until next time…

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