So…We Are In Lockdown

Hey bitches, welcome back to a once again long over due blog post. As I’m sure you know things have been pretty crazy for us all and the world around us seems to be so uncertain. Life with a pandemic is pretty wild and not in a pleasant way however, I do not want to dwell too much on the negativity. I am here today to give you guys some ideas of positive activities you can get up to while in self-isolation/lockdown.

Arts & Crafts
Okay, so lets hit it off with my favourite pastime. Arts and crafts is endless entertainment for your imagination. For me I have been teaching myself how to use Procreate, there is a bunch of tutorials online and it is a pretty lengthly process so it helps take up my weeks as I am still working my regular job while at home. If Procreate isn’t something you have access too (pretty sure it’s available on iPhones) there is always the old school arts & crafts such as;
Painting yourself a mug/wine glass for your wild Friday nights
Or just paint in general wether it’s your flat mate, partner or parent
Pressing flowers (if you have a garden – please don’t make your way to local parks)
Embroidery , knitting and/or macrame
Start a bullet journal
Make greetings cards
Take up calligraphy
Up-cycle a piece of old furniture
Origami if you literally have nothing but paper as an art supply
Of course right now seems like the perfect time to start a diary and write your own literature however if you are into reading more than writing here’s a list of some recent books I have read;
Stag’s Leap – Sharon Olds
Love Poems – Carol Ann Duffy
Know My Name – Chanel Miller
The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Music &/or Podcasts 
One of the simple pleasures in (my) life is to get to listen to new albums start to finish. So music wise you could listen to;
Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe – Theo Katzmann
Blood bank (10th Anniversary Edition) – Bon Iver
I Love You, Honeybear – Father John Misty
Abbey Road – The Beatles
ANY ‘Stories’ Album on Spotify

Podcasts I really can’t only recommend two which are; My Favourite Murder & Life Is Trash
So this is a rundown of my favourite shows that you can binge on Netflix if you wish to;
Mind hunter
Stranger Things
Queer Eye
RuPaul’s Drag Race
When They See Us
Big Mouth
The Haunting Of Hill House
The End Of The Fucking World
Peaky Blinders

These are just ideas of the kind of thing I am getting up to in lockdown however, I do wanna remind everyone that even if you do nothing while in lockdown and you feel pretty unproductive remember – that staying in is productive, relaxing is self-care and something doing nothing is needed. I hope everyones doing well & staying safe. Until next time…


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