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Welcome back bitches! For some bazaar reason there is a blurred line between being selfless and selfish and frankly I don’t care if people think I am being selfish because sometimes (ALWAYS) you have to look after number 1 (yourself incase you are confused). So todays post I am going to be running you through 5 ways in which I have changed my lifestyle so I am kinder to myself and looking after my brain better. Of course not everything might be for you but this is what’s helping me and could help you too.

1. Communication Is Key

Literally you’ve heard this saying but do you practise it? Communication with yourself and everyone around you is key for healthy relationships. I didn’t realise how important and how much easier everything around me became when I just communicated my feelings with somebody. There could be things I would think aren’t important to share and that would just build up in my relationships which never ended well but now I feel so happy to communicate anything with my friends. Becoming more open to talking has really improved all my relationships.
2. Farewell To Toxic Relationships

Now this is something I have learnt from everybody around me. Whenever I would have something happening that was turning really toxic in my life my close pals would always tell me to remove it, it’s not worth my energy of course this is so much easily said than done. It really did and still does take me a long time to overcome toxic situations and remove them from my life. But for at least the good few months, probably more I have been doing this and my happiness is currently on a climb. It’s been amazing and also sad to see how some bad things really where effecting me. I have just been letting toxic situations be my last thought, I won’t look at certain platforms if that’s going to upset me, I won’t reply to texts, I point blank refuse to argue with people. I would much rather just move on with my life and continue building it rather than investing my energy into some negative, it’s never worth it.3. Stop Scrolling

I am continuously trying to make more of an effort to live less on my phone and also cleanse my social media by removing and unfollowing people who post things that upset me from images that might upset me, articles getting shared online that are triggering. Anything I see which upsets me I just block/mute from my timeline and now I feel so much happier using social because all I see is my friends and my favourite brands all succeeding and doing well and its really happy and positive to see and thats all I want when I log into the internet is for people to find their experience reading my blog a positive one.

4. No Time Like The Present

There really is not time like the present. Stopping scrolling means I am living my life in a much healthier way, I am taking on new hobbies, I am watching and reading so much more and educating myself and its been beautiful to grow my personality rather than shrink it or keep it at a stand still. One way that I think has really helped me live more for the present is stopping putting so much pressure on myself to blog. I am so happy now with the content I produce I never want to go back to forcing my self to stick to a calender and not living my life and staying inside because I need to write.

5. Ticking Off My To Do List

Now for me this is a difficult one, I love to do lists they are so helpful and stop you forgetting things. However, I was going so wrong by making my daily to do list too long and not realistic. So when I wouldn’t finish them I would get really annoyed at myself and start working super late to finish them which had many negative knock on affect. So now for me which might not be for everyone I have one (very long) to do list and when I can I will check it and try tick some things off but I have no pressure there, it isn’t a daily, weekly or monthly to do list it’s just some things I will get round to at some point and doing it this way has been really helpful and a lot healthier for me.

So this is how I am trying too better myself and look after my brain a little more, I know not everything here is for everyone but thats fine as humans we are all completely different and thats cool, but I hope there is something for you to take away. Until next time…


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