Chapter Ten

Hey! I’m back, with the next chapter…18 months later. I realise I should probably make these kind of posts a little more regular but I think going forward they are going to be a little different. I realised that 2018 and earlier I shared near enough most of my life online here and on social media. For me, it’s not something I want to do anymore. I have realised somethings really should stay with me and my brain. Going forward I think these life updates will hopefully be exciting but less personal. So let’s catch you up on the past 18 months.

Work Life

Since I graduated 18 months ago going into the world of work has been HARD, to put it lightly. I’ve had some ups, some downs and many sessions crying in work toilets. It was a really big change to go from a fresh graduate into the work of work and I didn’t realise the transition would be so difficult and brain destroying to be frank. From being underpaid, unappreciated and unnoticed however, around 7 months ago I started a new position with a wonderful team. Every week I get so excited for what the week will hold, new projects and getting creative.Personal Growth

The end of 2019 became the time I started looking after myself for once. I touched upon this in a previous post. I removed toxic relationships, detoxed on socials and made boundaries for myself and since then it’s been pretty great and feels even better to look back on all the progress I have made. I will insert a link HERE where I go into much more detail on how I am looking out for number one.What I Hope For 2020

There are so many things I wish for in 2020 and I am feeling super optimistic for the year. I can’t wait to continue my little self growth journey, travel (hopefully), save for my future, get creative and hopefully meet some groovy people along the way.


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