Habits I’m Quitting In 2020

Hey bitches, welcome back to a long awaited blog post. Things have been a little crazy but I am finally sitting down and getting around to writing. With it being New Year and all I thought I would share with you things I am ditching rather than doing and it’s all in the name of self care. 2019 was a crazy year and it had a lot of unexpected ups and downs but it taught me a lot of lessons about my self. Stay tuned to read about how I am changing my attitude for the new decade…

Quit Waiting Around

I feel I use to be a very get up go person due to my lifestyle but as things have changed I feel I have slacked off a little as I have gotten older. I kinda wait for things to come round rather than going and getting them for myself.  I actually really miss how active, productive and creative I once was. I still love it but juggling all three with adult life can be a little difficult. However, this bad habit has been noted by me and I look forward to proving to myself that I can get what I want when I work hard!

Glass Half Empty

The title really says it all. Sometimes I catch myself giving a bad attitude or being really negative. I am a huge believer that what you put out to the universe is intern what you receive back. I really want to notice when I am being negative and change my view into being the ‘glass half full’ approach. In 2019 I had some tough spots and I think I personally dwelled a little too hard into them so I can hoping to turn that round in 2020 and stop letting pointless negative thoughts live rent free in my head.

Self Doubt

Now most people assume that being open online you have a huge amount of confidence however, I find this to be the total opposite. Most people I meet who post themselves online seem to be rather self conscious and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with me. I am huge self doubter. I always question my self, my choices and actions and I am really starting to wonder why. I am realising that I am being rather over critical when I don’t need to be. One thing I always doubt is what I am saying, whether or not it sounds stupid and nearly enough 99% of the time it really isn’t and it’s only been having supportive people around me I have realised I need to quit the self doubt.

Thank you for coming to read my super short blog post but non the less I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time…


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