The Dark Side Of Social Media

Welcome back bitches! This week I thought I would delve into social media as recently I have been noticing just how toxic it can be, but also how I have cleaned up my feed to only see things that bring me happiness.

Cancel Culture

Now if you haven’t heard about this let me quickly explain. Cancel culture is where someone is ‘dragged’ for something which may be true or false and people start to ‘cancel’ them. Basically destroying someones career, life, mental well being, causing loss of friends and just basically being down right horrible and making someone feel they aren’t worthy anymore or that they are ‘old news’. Now I see this a lot within the beauty community and I think it is absolutely disgusting and to be frank a form of cyber bullying. Like seriously can we cancel cancel culture please? It is so toxic and so disgusting how people treat one another and I decided this was just something I wanted to speak out on, if you are someone who’s #cancelled someone, take a look at your self and your actions and think about what you’ve done, yep that’s right I’m going to talk like your parent. For me it was really effecting my mental health and I was becoming very embarrassingly invested in keeping up with the online gossip that in reality did not effect my life but it did effect my happiness. Now for me I stay away from drama channels, unfollow people who tweet about cancelling others and remove seeing the toxic behaviour from my feed. Seriously who the fuck started this shit?


Something I am so passionately against, like if you subtweet about someone think about if you decided to put their @handle into the tweet. Do you realise that this is a form of cyber bullying? The behaviour is disgusting and you have no idea how that is going to effect someone. Wether that be the person you have wrote it about or just someone who follows you online. Subtweeting has high-school behaviour written all over it and it needs to stop. Let the negative energy go and just be happy being in your own bubble instead and trying to burst someone elses.

The Perfect Life

The perfect life does not exist online and we need to stop acting like it does. These couple we tag as #couplegoals or the perfect #beachbody. It doesn’t exist, I am sorry to tell you but it doesn’t. These couples argue and someone perfect beach body is not everybody else. Let’s start living for our own lives and if you decided to put your life online think carefully about what you post because being online can be extremely influential and not always in a good way. For me I have good days and bad days and I not scared to post about either but specifcally when I have bad days I make sure anything I do post won’t be triggering for other people and if it could I will ALWAYS put a warning advising people that they might potentially be upset by something they see on my feed. I understand people can do what they want and post what they want, but let’s have a little bit of human compassion. I know for me I would easily shut down my blog if what I was posting was negativity effecting someones mental health, i’d be heart broken at the fact that something I could post could hurt someones feelings. So next time before you make out that life is perfect, flawless and seamless think about others before you post.

Social media can be a very toxic place and I realise I can unfollow, block and mute people but also I want to do my bit to keep social media ‘clean’ . If we all thought about our actions in a compassionate way before posting, I would hope that the level of toxic behaviour I see online would go down and we would be influencing more young people who are using the internet to keep up this positive attitude that coming online to make someone cry is not okay, lets have people come online and smile at the content we create. Just something to think about, until next time…

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