Eco Friendly Beauty Tips

Welcome back bitches! This week I am going to be discussing eco-friendly beauty tips as recently this is all I have seen online and thought it would be nice to share with you all what I have learnt and how I am switching up my beauty routine to help the environment.

Re-usable Cotton Pads 

Lets start with reusable cotton pads a great alternative for those pesky face wipes. Now even though cotton wool is biodegradable the plastic it comes in is not so why not opt for reusable cotton pads which you can simple pop into the washing machine with other garments wash through and re use. You will save money but also help the environment so it’s a win win. I am currently on my last packet of cotton wool and then I am opting for these!

Do Your Research

Research is one of the best gifts I think humans have, the ability to go out and teach ourselves new things everyday is amazing and we can apply it right now by researching beauty brands before your purchase. Now I don’t just mean going for cruelty free brands even though that is amazing and something I talk about later in this blog post but researching brands who do other amazing things. Such as Mac (1) who do ‘Back To Mac’ a recycling programme which aims to reward their amazing customers through promoting them to recycle old and used products. I will leave a link here so you can read more. Lush (2) again have a very similar recycle scheme with their small black pots but also a lot of their products help the environment as well as helping to support charities, there is a ton of information on their website about how they are trying to better our earth, take a look here. L’Occitane (3) who support sustainable sourcing on ingredients for their products. Origins (4) who aim to have zero carbon emission by 2020 and help plant trees in partnership with American Forests Global ReLeaf. Best till last, Freshly Cosmetics (5) believe that “cosmetics must be healthy, innovative, sustainable, fun, transparent and be able to bring out the best in ourselves”, all their products are cruelty free and contain no toxins. PS all their packaging can be recycled! All you have to do is a little research!

Finish Products & Recycle 

If possible recycle all old packaging if you can and if not try give it a good home. Could it be used for storage? Or for sewing seeds to grow a plant? Use your brain and try think of cool unique ways to try and re-use products. One of the ways I try and reuse products is keeping wands from old mascara tubes, washing them and re using them apply eyebrow gel or even brushing through my lashes when I have applied a little too much mascara. Another great reusable hack is keeping empty powder tubes or even cream shadows when they’ve been used to store things such a jewellery when travelling.

Face Wipes Are The Devil 

Growing up Youtube always told me that face wipes were the devil and I never understood why and now I do. They are ruining the earth and if you’re someone who flushes them down the toilet be ashamed, very ashamed. I am currently on my last two packets of face wipes and after this I am going to try and stop all together! I rarely use them apart from when I am being very lazy and can’t be arsed to cleanse my makeup off however, this is going to stop and face wipes in my makeup draws will be banished.

Opt For Cruelty Free Brands 

Now something which is super easy to do and to be honest you are probably doing it already without realising it is shopping cruelty free. If you are not please find a list of my top 5 cruelty free brands below and try opt for a friendlier option when purchasing your makeup. Starting with drug store we have Nyx and Pixi Beauty, high end we have Jeffree Star and Anastasia Beverly Hills and then luxury Charlotte Tilbury. However, there are hundreds more cruelty free and bean brands out there you’ve just got to do you research!

I hope you have learnt something from this post and are able to take something away. I am not saying you have to do everything but being more conscious and trying to do your little bit for the earth and animals will really help. Until next time…

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