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Welcome back to another blog post! Today I am going to be discussing all things skincare related. Recently I have been trying to keep on top with my routine but also test out some new products that have arrived in PR so yes this blog post does feature gifted items. Now lets jump straight in and I’ll try and do this post in order of how I have been using the products, this is not my current routine but a lot of these products make it up. Starting with a good exfoliant, I use the Pixi Peel & Polish Resurfacing Concentrate scrub, it literally makes me skin feel brand new after using it. I do try however to only use this about once a  week as it does really scrub off any dead skin but I feel I could easily over use this. It smells amazing and has easily become one of my top face scrubs! Now as much as I love an exfoliant, a real gritty face scrub or mask to help clean my pores I have felt like I have been going a little too hard with them so for facemasks I have been opting for something I little more gentle. Cue The Body Shop Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask, this is something I like to use in the morning when I am feeling pretty run down or have a super early morning. It really does wake up the skin with the smell of freshly ground coffee and also leaves the skin feeling very plump afterwards. I honestly didn’t think it would be for me as I really love my clay face masks but this one is a winner, especially on hungover days!

Now after I have scrubbed and masked my skin I L-O-V-E to tone, something I will never not do. I can forget to cleanse my skin or moisturise it but not toning is an absolutely sin for me as my skin really does suffer if I forget. For toning I only every use 2 products and these products I have sworn by for helping with my acne and blemishes. Welcome Pixi Glow Tonic, if you have never heard of this stuff you really have been living under a rock. I adore this toner and go through bottles and bottles of it, amazing for oily/combo skin especially if you suffer with spots! I primarily use this on days where my skin is very bad and suffering hormonal break outs but when my skin is behaving and less spotty I tend to use the Dermalogica Multi-active Toner. It is so refreshing and light and doesn’t feeling heavy on the skin, I can imagine this toner to be really good for all skin types however, I know that Dermalogica have tons of different products for all different skin types.

Despite having very oily skin in certain areas due to acne creams my skin tends to dry out in certain places so a thick heavy duty moisturiser is always in my skin care routine and to be honest I always use the same brand of face moisturiser and think I have done since my early teens. Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin is my love right now, it’s so thick and rich but still soaks into the skin, gives a perfect base for foundation and I couldn’t recommend it enough despite not being for oily skin types. I also go between this and basically all of the other Nivea moisturises, you can always find a huge tub in my cupboard. I have also realised the importance of an eye cream which is something new I have recently implemented into my routine. Currently I am using the Stress Positive Eye Lift by Dermalogica to help with tiredness, stress, dark circles the lot. So far I have really enjoyed using this, and sits perfectly underneath makeup. However, if you have any eye cream recommendations leave them below in the comments.

It’s probably not a surprise that Pixi is one of my all time favourite skin care brands, I constantly shout about them on my blog as well as recommending them to everyone! Now a few months back I started using their Rose Oil Blend Face Oil and ever since I have been obsessed I am going to easily be re-purchasing this for the foreseeable future. I use this when I go to bed and it has been really helping with the dried out areas on my face as well as just replumping and moisturising my very dull looking skin. I had always stayed away from oils because my skin is really oily but I enjoy going to bed like a little oil fish and waking up to the freshest, plumpest skin ever! Seriously if you’re looking for an oil this is one to try!

Finally my last two products are not skincare for the face but for the body. I am always intrigued to see what body moisturises people use so I thought I would share 2 of my favourites that I am constantly repurchasing. Both from Lush we have the notorious Sleepy Body Lotion as well as Dream Cream! Now I started using Sleepy a while ago and haven’t stopped since, it’s bloody amazing. You feel so relaxed and is perfect after a hot bubble bath. Also, if you enjoy the smell of lavender it’s a winner straight away! Dream Cream I have probably been using for the past 2 years as I watched one of Helen Andersons videos where she explained it was really good for helping heal tattoos so I bought it in preparation and she was right it did keep my tattoo moisturised but also its just amazing in general. I love the smell and the fact it sinks in so quickly and leaves a very soft well moisturised but not wet or tacky feeling on the skin. I tend to use Sleepy after an evening shower/bath and Dream Cream of a morning because honestly Sleepy really does help relax you to fall asleep.

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    • Bitchin' Blonde
      June 26, 2019 / 5:08 pm

      It is literally the best thing ever! I swear by the stuff.


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