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Welcome back to other weekly blog post! That’s right two weeks on the run, lucky you. Today I am going to be talking about one of my biggest weaknesses, the ‘New In’ section on ASOS. I find it such a strange part of my routine just check the new in section especially on ASOS but I think that’s because their app is very user friendly. But non the less I am constantly on there seeing what new stock has arrived, it really is becoming a problem. However, I am trying to take this problem and turn it into a positive for example I look at the new stock however, I very rarely buy anything as I am trying to save for my future. So I take my time wasted aimlessly scrolling to give me inspiration on what I already have hanging up in my wardrobe and doing so has birthed this blog post. Enjoy me telling you why shopping your existing wardrobe rather than new in sections is way better .

Save Your Pennies

In the past year my spending habits have completely altered. I used to be obsessed with buying clothes all the time, this changed and i now feel I prioritise other things that I deem more important than a cute new top. I realised I was spending WAY TO MUCH money on clothes that weren’t really getting worn enough to justify the price. I started realising that I could save more money for my future mortgage and trips and create more amazing memories. These two things became especially important to me and despite being a lover of fashion and clothing (I still am don’t worry) I just felt it was so wasteful to be putting my money into under-loved garments. So I started to save way more money and I felt better for it, I also felt way better because I actually started to get my worth from my wardrobe. I started wearing items weekly rather than a new top i’d wear them probably wouldn’t really wear it for a month or two. I realised how much a garment actually meant to me. Yes I had been watching Marie Condo, no regrets.

Get Your Moneys Worth

One thing after realising that I was spending a silly amount of money on clothes was that I wasn’t really getting my worth from the garment. I just didn’t wear certain things enough to justify the price and for that I just felt it was a huge waste. So I decided to make a promise to myself that I would stop buying ‘occasion’ wear. This for me was any event that popped up I would always try and find something in my wardrobe and if there really wasn’t anything I would then potentially let myself buy a garment if I could justify wearing it again and again and it wasn’t just a one time thing. This made me think twice about everything and it has probably only been this year that I have seen the benefit of this. For example last summer before I travelled to America I bought myself new clothes to suit the weather over there. All of those pieces I bought I still have and have been wearing them in Liverpool when the sun decides to come out, I am also planning on taken near enough all the pieces away with me again this year. It’s been great to see me getting my moneys worth but also to see less waste coming from my wardrobe. My top tip if you want to try be a little bit more efficient is to ask yourself would you see yourself wearing it the following year? Is it a trend piece that won’t be in style next year? If it was a garment I thought to myself I might not get a chance to wear it or felt at the time it was just trend driven, I wouldn’t buy it. No exceptions. Doing this I have been able to see a huge cut down in waste coming from my wardrobe but also the money I have saved and been able to invest somewhere else that I think is more important.

Be A Bit Greener

Now I didn’t only decide to start doing this to save money, even though that is a great perk. I really feel like I need to do my part in helping the environment and cutting down on fast fashion especially my own consumption of it. Now cutting down isn’t the only thing I have changed because ultimately there may come a time I feel I have to buy items of clothing. So when I am shopping I try to shop with more sustainable brands, buy more vintage as well as from independents. Now I am not perfect I still have my ASOS account but I feel no matter what doing your part wether it is big or small will help. So when I am shopping I always keep in mind do I see myself wearing this next year and another thing I look at is the quality. Investing in items that may potentially be a little more expensive to save money in the long run to stop me re-purchasing badly made garments over and over again. This stop waste and again saves you money in the long run. Now I can’t speak for everyone but there are some fashion brands who are trying to be a bit greener. Putting in a little research before your purchase or go shopping really can help! Brands that I love that are sustainable are; Reformation, Matt & Nat, Stella McCartney, Veja and Patagonia.

I’m not perfect but I am trying my best to be a little more sustainable and eco-friendly and I really hope this blog post can inspire your next purchase. Until next time…

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