Instagram Told Me To Get A Boob Job

Welcome back to  another blog post from yours truly. This week’s blog posts is a little bit of a tender cut for me so please be nice. Also be kind to yourself if boob jobs and plastic surgery is a sensitive topic for you opt out, I won’t be upset. Look after yourself and come back next week! I am going to be delving into the one of the saddest parts of my brain and talking my obsession with wanting bigger boobs.

My Lovely Little Lumps

Here’s the thing, I grew up mostly in the noughties a time where boob jobs were the ‘it’ thing to have done and being envious of Katy Price seemed normal. But really the thing is it wasn’t normal and at the age of 23 I have realised this. With the rise of social media, the internet age in general and magazines, I was constantly seeing women who had big boobs wether it was natural or fake. It made me feel like I was slow grower, inadequate and not feminine as the media often suggested. So probably up until a few months ago I wanted a boob job. Why you ask? Because nowhere did anyone ever preach that small boobs are great as well, so being heavily influenced by the media I thought the only way to fix small boobs was a boob job when in reality I just needed to accept that I have small boobs, and learn that they are cute too. The media would scrutinise women who where flat chested and glamorise chesty women. This still happens and this isn’t okay, all bodies are amazing. Personally my thoughts on surgery or changing your body/face in anyway is that it is YOUR body and do what you want with it. But really think about what you’re doing, do you really want to have yourself go through major surgery or are you just trying to please this faceless media that makes you feel like you must have boobs in order to be 1. attractive, 2. feminine, 3. have the ‘ideal’ body. It is insane how much an Instagram post can effect my day, or watching someones blog of their boob job surgery. Even though now I know I should not let it influence me, it does. That really is one of the negatives of social media.

Other People’s Thoughts

So as I said I grew up on the age of silicone implants if you didn’t have a boob job or implants you were not normal, you were ‘straight up and down’ or ‘a stick’ or my personal name tag ‘an ironing board’. Kids really can be cruel and constantly being told I have no boobs was a thing at school. While at school it didn’t bother me that much because I was far to into finishing my art projects than letting some boy make me cry. It wasn’t until I got older that the comments cut deep and hurt because as I got older my boobs still didn’t grow. I was still sat in the middle waiting for an invitation to the DD Club and declining my seat at the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Sad but true people really will make jokes about your biggest insecurity and then make you feel bad when you call them out and they blame you for not taking it as a joke, when really the decent thing to do is to just say you’re sorry. Now if you’re someone who has had a their insecurities used as a comedy sketch. Tell them it’s not okay and that they need to apologise. If you are the other person who makes jokes about their friends insecurities or you picked on the girl at school who didn’t have big boobs, shame on you, it’s not cool.

Real V Ideal

Social media and the internet have done incredible things and can be used in so many positive ways however, with the development of technology you can easily download a free app and edit your photos that is not just adding a filter. I mean making you boobs bigger, waist thinner and thighs thicker. This is part of the dark side of social media. For me I do not do this, I think this is something that is effecting young, easy influenced children, thinking that if they buy a foundation their skin is going to look a certain way when in reality it has been air brushed and reloaded into Face Tune twice! You literally can alternate your figure and face in seconds, very scary. It isn’t cool to set a false image of yourself 1. because you should love yourself 2. it sets a false standard other may feel they need to live up to.

My Best Friends Words Of Wisdom

We all go to our best friends for advice and a good cry, I know I do. So one day while I was in the middle of a break down telling Isobel how I just need a boob job and I need to alter this and it’ll make me way more attractive blah blah blah blah blah. She was trying to stir me away by telling me about a recently article that had came to light about a YouTuber becoming seriously ill from her implants. While discussing this and me being idiotic saying I was willing to take the risk she said 20 magic words that will forever be a bitter sweet sentence in my mind. “You don’t need a boob job you need everyone else to stop telling you that you need a boob job”. From here I realised I didn’t need a boob job I needed some self love and appreciation for my own body and how I look and that I needed to tell anyone or anything that made me feel the need to knock myself out, cut my body open and stuff it with plastic to fuck off. This is the journey I am now on…

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