Why I Am Comfortable In My Own Skin

Todays post I want to make a positive one. I want to encourage you all to stop the face tune, skin smoothing and spot correcting and to love what you see in the mirror. It’s hard to have an insecurity and learn to love it but this is a journey I am on and I want to share it with you all. After all our bodies are amazing things and I think they should be celebrated no matter what is deemed as a flaw to others. today you are getting my bare face up close and personal.

I have acne

I have mentioned this in the past on my blog whenever I have been talking about skincare products I’m using. I have acne which doesn’t currently bother me but I would like to not have it, but utimitly it isn’t the end of the world for me. So yes me and acne have been friends on and off for nearly a decade. I had it when I was around 13/14 for a couple years then my skin cleared up with the odd one or two spots every so often but, then when I got to my 20s acne made it’s way back into my life, uninvited of course.

Since it came back I pretty much tried everything to get rid of it because I ‘hated’ it. Now I hated the way it made my makeup sit on my face yes but what I really hated was the way it made people stare at me or even point it out to me. But the acne itself on my face never made me feel insecure, that I needed to hide it nor did it ever stop me going bare faced, I live for no makeup days. Acne wasn’t really a huge problem. It was other people. How these strangers assumed I didn’t like it, how it must be painful and how very red my face always looked. Or the PR emails I would get from brands assuming I would want to get rid of it as soon as possible. My whole thing with it was how others made me feel about it. Yes okay I hated how crusty and dry my skin would look with makeup on but it wasn’t the be all and end all. I have bigger things to worry about than a red bump on my face. After I kind of realised that the problem wasn’t really acne itself I made peace with my skin and stopped caring about other people’s opinions.

But that’s okay

Now it is okay that I have acne, I feel so much better in myself for excepting what the media stigmatises as a flaw and rolling with it. Now yes, I still out of my own choice use some skincare products that help my skin but this isn’t because I am ashamed of embarrassed by it, it really is just because I prefer my skin without the acne, but spotty or not spotty I am comfortable in my skin. Just like how I prefer my skin to be moisturised, I use moisturiser. Acne isn’t my biggest worry now and I have learnt to accept it and realise that my previous insecurity with it was really within other people.

This is a reason why I am so against Face-tune, blurring the skin and making it look  ‘flawless’. I for my own content use filters with a little bit of editing but nothing that changes the way I look only the lighting, purely for an asethical reason. I could never create a false image and post it online because that could be a danger to someone else. There is so much talk at the moment about how dangerous social media can be and creating a false sense of reality. For me I used to see flawless perfect complexion images online and it made me feel bad, like I wasn’t enough because I had spotty skin. That is rediculous and why I vow never to edit my photographs in a misleading way, ever. I only ever want my small corner of the internet to be a positive and happy place and that’s why I have wrote this post. I want you guys to know that you can learn to love your insecurities and take something negative and make it a positive. For me doing this has changed my outlook on how I see myself and now there is no going back and it has only bettered my self esteem!

Thanks for reading I hope me taking about embracing what was one of my biggest insecurities and turning the table can help someone reading this wether it is an insecurity or not, being negative will never get you anywhere but being positive will get you everywhere, until next time…

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