That Awkward Time Between Winter & Spring

Hey Bitches! Welcome back to Bitchin’Blonde, this week I am going to be giving some advise on how to utilise your wardrobe for that awkward Winter to Spring weather. You know the kind I’m talking about, when it’s 100mph wind and then 15 minutes later it’s cracking the flags and you have no SPF. Recently the weather in Liverpool has been throwing some major shade towards my wardrobe, literally. Hot cloudy days followed by warm hall storms, it’s been crazy. This weather constantly has me at a stand still with my wardrobe wondering wether or not to wear tights? If a leather jacket over my coat is a good idea etc. Of course as I have previously mentioned I am trying to be a little bit more ethical with my wardrobe so here are my top tips for recycling your wardrobe for the ever changing weather.

Check The Closet

Literally. Go and see what you have in your wardrobe. Right now pieces I advise are; jeans, thinner jumpers, long sleeved t-shirts, heavier jackets, embellished dresses and midi and maxi skirts which as we are all aware of are very on trend.    This whole putting you winter wardrobe away for Spring doesn’t exist, if you buy clothes get your use out of them and make them versatile – this leads me on to a later point. Do a while de-clutter, reorganise and donate whatever you aren’t going to use and have pieces you’re actually going to wear.

Save The Pennies

Let me just go back to when I mentioned the word versatile. If after looking into your wardrobe you find that you really are lacking some staple pieces and you feel the need to buy some atlas make them versatile. the best way to do this is probably not to buy into extremely popular trends. For example as I previously mentioned midi skirts are hot right now but when is a midi skirt every going to not look cute? The versus the idea of buying the whole neon trend which is literally everywhere. For me I probably wouldn’t wear neon in winter or ever for that matter but if I was going to it’s more of a sS/S19 look rather than a key piece I can really get my wear out of. Doing this means that you’re less likely to waste money and actually get the most out of what you have spent.

So Last Season

A term which literally makes me vomit at the idea of how much waste the fashion industry produces because something isn’t hot that season. This link to my early a point on saving money buy key pieces. Every time I buy an item for my wardrobe I always think but would I wear this, this time next year. If the answer is ‘no’ then back on the rail it goes. I do not see a point having a wardrobe that’s a one weekend pit stop. For me I am an outfit repeater and so proud of this. I love to recreate new outfits and wear things different ways rather than buying and deposing last Saturday nights dress. When looking for items that can take you from Winter to Spring ask wether they would take you from Summer to Autumn? The weather is pretty much similar especially if you live in England we have the same weather all year round with about 2+ weeks of very hot sun.

Mix & Match

When shopping something I always hunt down are two pieces, they are literally my go to and I can not recommend buying them enough. Not only can you wear them together and separate if you buy a very basic/staple two piece it becomes a your wardrobes best friend. Two pieces I really like which are on trend but also versatile to wear are denim skirts with matching jackets or suits. denim is great as it can be very heavy and thick so perfect for the season transition. Something else I have been doing recently is investing my wardrobe with midi and maxi skirts, as I said these are shit hot and I love them but the great thing about them is they basically go with everything, keep you warm and if your like me you can wear your maxi dress as a skirt. Just chuck a band tee over the top or even underneath to create new outfits. For me I decided to style this amazing very floral spring style dress from Angel Eye with my heavy leather jacket and trainers to keep me warm but alternatively in the warmer monthly I could wear this no jacket with sandals.

These are pretty much my top tips for helping you build that wardrobe you can wear forever! I hope you enjoyed it and find my more ethical approach to fashion a little bit educational and inspiring for you to change up the way you shop. Until next time…

Until next time…



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