What Does 2019 Have In Store For Bitchin’Blonde

Every year I always try and have the best mindset going into a new year. I really love it, it is such a great time for change and a new year really brings a lot of positive energy into my soul. The beginning of 2018 did not exactly go as I had planned but that means I am even more excited to put a lot of my energy into 2019. For todays blog post I thought I would share with you all what my plans are. I kind of have quite a lot of little things I want to do but instead of giving you all an endless list I’ve categorised them into my 5 simple steps that I am taking in 2019.

Save More

When I came back from America me and my boyfriend spoke about how cool it would be to live together, which was pretty crazy as yes we had been dating a few months but only made it official just before we flew out to America. So the idea of living together was pretty fast but do not worry we aren’t there just yet. I personally do not want to rent as it is often more expensive than a mortgage payment and renting meant that saving for a deposit for a house would be pretty impossible especially for me. We both decided that saving for a house deposit for the next few years would be a good idea so when we are ready to live together we can think about jumping straight into a house rather than renting first. So a big goal for me is to continue saving for my house deposit as well as holidays to America and just general savings for a ‘rainy day’.

Conscious Consumption

This is something that is already in play in my life but it is something I am continuing so I thought I would share it. Probably for the past two years I have been very conscious of where I shop, from food, clothing and makeup. I am trying my best to buy ethically, help reduce animal cruelty and also buy from independents rather than corporate companies. So far is has been going pretty well I can’t say it is something I am doing 24/7 however, I am consciously making the effort which is all I can ask from myself and only myself. Next year I want to try even more to buy less makeup which tests on animals, continue eating less animal products (I already gave up meat 5 years ago), shop less high street and more vintage. With the lifestyle I lead I find it very hard to be both feet into veganism or shopping ethically however, the fact that I am conscious of my behaviours is a little step in the right direction.

Taking Control

Sometimes things make me very anxious and it makes me loose control a little bit. From the smallest of things like making my bed to the biggest of things like how I let others treat me. This year I want to take control and try bring a lot more self love into my life, no I don’t mean a bath on a Sunday evening. I mean taking steps in order to protect my self and better my mental health. Whether that be having to cancel plans with friends because I need to do something for myself, properly resting my body and doing regular exercise or even just letting myself have a day where I do fuck all because my mind busy and soul needs a break – I am coming to realise this is okay. Whatever it may be I am taking control of my life that sometimes feels like its slipping away.

Be More Creative

I have always been a creative person literally since I can remember I always was the little girl who wanted to draw a hopscotch on the concrete or make birthday cards for my parents from random bits and bots around the house. Creativity is such a huge part of my personality and finishing university made me loose a little bit of that creative energy. I realised that because I am not working on deadlines anymore I feel my creative flow as just came to a holt and I don’t like that and it brings a very weird feeling to my life when I am not being creative. It is literally a hunger that needs to be fed. 2019 is going to be a creative year. I have so many fun ideas of things that I want to d0.

Happiness Is Everything

Happiness is far to precious to let it pass us by. If you’re unhappy try and change the situation that makes you unhappy. Whether thats relationships, friendships, jobs, university any situation you’re in try and make it a happy one. It would be easy for me to sit here and write that you can do this however, there might be struggles involved physically and mentally, I understand that sometimes you cant make a change or your mental health is involved and that is fine. For me I realised that I can not waste my life in situations I am unhappy in when I know there is something I can do about it. This is something I am going to keep reminding myself about.

I wish you all the best for 2019 and thank you all for supporting me!

Until next time…



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