The Instagram Purge

I have a love hate relationship with Instagram. I think most people do. Instagram is an amazing platform, it brings wonderful inspiration, helps build relationships and is our own online diary. However, I do think there are some downsides to the platform. From how it can make others feel inadequate, the famously bad algorithm and fake followers. Today I am going to discuss all things from fake ads to followers and how the platform promises to help cut down the amount of fraudulent behaviour.

The PurgeĀ 

A few months back Instagram announced that they were going to try and clean up their platform by removing fake followers gained through third party apps. This was music to the ears of all influencers and businesses who use the platform as a business tool. Instagram has said to be removing inauthentic likes, comments and follows from accounts, some people have screen shotted and posted publicly that Instagram has sent them a warning that it will be removing inauthentic-ness from their account and promotes users to change their passwords. This is great for bloggers like me as it means that people who have inauthentic support from like/comments and follows will loose them meaning when businesses are looking for authentic influencers and bloggers to work with it gives the real people a chance to grow and gain business opportunities.

Fake ADs

Now it is all well and good what Instagram is doing and when this became news I was thrilled to know the account was heading in a positive direction however, this doesn’t mean they can stop fake ads. I was very disheartened to read a report of Linked In a few weeks back that some users are promoting no sponsored posts as an ‘AD’ as they feel it makes their profile and content more creditable to companies and in hope will bring them in paid or gifted collaboration advertisements. This broke my heart, I am have been in the blogosphere since age 13 reading blogs and I have been writing them since I was 19 (now 22). I feel for real influencers and bloggers wanting to turn their part time hobbit into a full-time job their are just hundreds of hurdles you have to pass before even getting close to going freelance. I actually wrote my university dissertation on the evolution of blogging as a hobbie to a business and wether it is deemed to be an ‘easy’ career path that people who aren’t even interested in are choosing. When I read articles like that one on Linked In it made me realise that my theory for my dissertation is just getting more and more evidence to back it. Sadly some people really are okay using others shoulders as a ladder to climb.

Who are the ASA?

Something which has recently been in influencer/blogger news despite not being anything new but I think I should mention in this post is the ASA guidelines. I am sure we are all aware that not all influencers are transparent when it comes to doing paid or gifted content however, what a lot of people do not know it that this can actually be classed as illegal and you must be 100% clear when doing collaborative content. This is not something new this has always been a requirement but recently the Advertising Standards Authority are cracking down on unclear content. If you are unsure on how you should declare your ads you can download the ASA guidelines HERE.

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