Shopping Habits I’m Breaking

After studying fashion for three years at university I think it is safe to say that I know a thing or two about the industry and sadly it’s dark truths. I want to let you in on the things I am doing to try and help the world and myself as shopping online can be a slippery slope and it is easy to wash over some important matters within fashion. I want to start of with something really obvious but if you go into Liverpool’s city centre on a Saturday afternoon and take a look around it is very overwhelming…

Plastic & Paper Bags

We all fall victim to forgetting to grab a canvas bag on the way out of the house when we go to do the weekly shop and the same thing applies when we go to treat ourselves to that new dress we have been saving up for. For me having a canvas bag with me is an essential when I go shopping, food or clothing. I do not want a plastic bag or even paper bags despite being able to recycle them. I would rather not and honestly there are times I just carry my shit rather than getting a bag. The less  bags we use the better for the environment and even though this is a very small thing to do not accepting a plastic or paper bag means companies order less bags and hopefully and eventually leads to less being made. Always grab a canvas bag, string bag, whatever bag you want along as you reuse as much as you can. For me I picked up a really small green string bag from an independent store in Liverpool this has been amazing as it folds up super small and fits in my handbags and to be honest even my coat pockets however, it stresses so it is the perfect size for a food shop as well as a garment splurge. I will leave a link here for an another independent Liverpool company who sells both canvas and string bags – The Hippy Rose

‘New In’ Section & Apps

Temptation is my biggest down fall. Checking ASOS’s ‘New In’ section everyday was becoming a bad habit and even though I didn’t always have the funds to buy what I wanted, even looking can be a dangerous start. For me I deleted all shoppings apps off my phone so I couldn’t be tempt and even though I have downloaded ASOS and Amazon a few times I use them in different ways. ASOS now is a styling tool so I can see similar items I may own and style them in ways I never thought. I am trying to buy pieces I really need. Staple items I can wear all the time or items I know I will wear for years to come. It is hard especially when I have something that I need something special to wear. But even for this I will try buy a staple item or something I know I will wear again. The idea of bloggers and influencers buying clothing to only shoot photos in and then either send it back to where it came from or re sell it on Depop really unsettles a clothing lover like myself. Even though I love Depop for it’s obvious recycling purpose I think the idea of wearing something once and then disposing of it is incredibly wasteful of money but also is just evidence of how dominant fast fashion is in our society.

Highstreet Hell

High street stores take inspiration from High End brands and bring similar styles but at an affordable price. This all sounds amazing right? Think again, how many things do you buy on the highstreet and wear for one season then end up replacing the following year, more than you think. I am not saying that I do not do this because I did and probably still do however, I am trying to make the conscious decision to stop. Buy what I need when I need it and keep to staples or items that I know I will wear for a long time and spark joy – yes I have been watching Marie Kondo. If you have an event coming up how about shopping your wardrobe rather than Topshop and let you savings account have the money for something really important.

Toodle Pip Topshop 

Since I have mentioned Topshop I may as well explain here why I do not support or shop there anymore as I have openly spoke about it on my Twitter account. Back in October Philip Green owner of Topshop was named in a UK ‘MeToo’ scandal for “sexual assault, racist abuse and bullying against staff” – Refinery 29. When I heard this news I felt sick to my stomach that this was happening but also felt that could not support Topshop or give them my money anymore. Now there is not a lot of information on this as there was a injunction granted preventing the publication of reports on this matter, but what I have heard has made me feel I can not possibly shop there anymore. Now this is not to say that every other high street store is perfect a lot miss treat staff, use sweat shops and pay unfairly – plus more. For me I am trying to shop at more ethically friendly places, don’t get me wrong I still shop highstreet, I am not here to say I am perfect but having the thought there and doing what you can wether you think it is big or small is still doing something about a problem and that is so important to remember. You do you boo.

My Wardrobe

As I previously mentioned I am trying my best to be more conscious when it comes to shopping for clothing. One huge factor of this is actually wearing the clothing I have, having things in my wardrobe that are staple items but also spark joy that I know will get my wear out of. Anything that does not spark joy or isn’t something I have worn in a  long time gets donated to charity. I am sure no one does this but never just bin clothing. Charity shops, women shelters are always on the look out for donations. So if you’re having a wardrobe clean out make sure you donate or recycling your clothing. Someones trash is someone else’s treasure!

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    February 5, 2019 / 6:59 am

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      February 10, 2019 / 11:22 am

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