James Charles x Morphe Review

Welcome back Bitches! This week I am so excited to share my thoughts and feelings on the James Charles X Morphe palette. I have had this now for a good few months as I was extremely lucky to get may hands on it in early December. It isn’t very often I get really excited about new makeup releases as they are all very similar however, this really caught my eye with the vibrant colours. Even though there are a lot of shades in this palette I won’t currently use you never know when a purple smokey eye is going to be needed.

Packaging & Price 

Lets start with the packaging. I love. It is just super simple matte black with the branding in like a patent black. It is just super simple and I’d rather opt for packaging like this rather than super crazy packing even though I can appreciate other brands thought behind packaging. I will say this palette is big. Very big, larger than the Jaclyn Hill palette but it does contain 30 shades. So it isn’t very travel friendly but for 39 shades ya girl isn’t complaining. It cost £39 which means that each shadow is only £1 each, which is totally crazy! For the price point and the amount of shadows you get I think I can say this is the best eyeshadow palette out there to have in your collection for MUAs and makeup lovers.


The colours need no explanation at all there is a colour in here for everyone. Pinks, greens, blues, purples, reds you name it this palette has it, it really is a palette to unleash your inner artist with. This palette has really helped me mix up my makeup style and I can officially say That a green smokey eye is E-V-E-R-Y-TH-I-N-G. The whole concept of the palette is to inspire everyone to create insane makeup looks and seeing its response online, it really has.

Pigment & Blendability 

The pigment of the shadows isn’t as strong as some other shadows I own but they are undeniably pigmented. something that Ia really do like about the showers is they are more powdery than creamy which gives them the feeling of a lighter consistently so they are much more comfortable to wear on the eye compared to some heavier pigmented shadows I own. I also find that because they are a little more powdery they actually blend easy. I really think that for this palette they found a good middle ground with the blend ability. Easy one of my favourite formulas in shadows.

Favourite Shades

There are literally so many so heres the list; warm tone mattes I love ‘518’, ‘Rusted’, ‘You’re Kidding’, ‘Code James’, ‘10% Off’ and ‘No Beans’ of course. Warm tone shimmers I love ‘Ringlight’, ‘Halloween’ and ‘Wig’. Other shades that I adore in the palette are ‘Bee’, ‘Guac’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Cape Cod’ and ‘Cola’. In such a huge palette with every colour being stunning it is really hard to use but these shades are my favourites and most used.

I would easily recommend this palette to any makeup lover and especially MUAs who might specialise in more vibrant colours, it really has a colour for every client. £39 around average price of an eyeshadow palette that isn’t drugstore so I think for how many you get it is a fair price to pay. I am especially excited to get this palette out in the summer time so I can make use of the bold states.

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