OMG You Must Get So Much Free Stuff

Recently on Instagram I have seen a few bloggers asking people to send them in misconceptions their audience might have from their presences online. Well for this weeks blog post I done the same but I decided to save my heart from breaking and do it about bloggers in general, not just me. So lets kick this off my addressing the title of this post.

‘OMG You Must Get So Much Free Stuff’

Bitch, no and even if I did I would have worked extremely hard to get it. Companies do not just hand out free stuff to you like its a closing down sale. Occasionally yes companies reach out to me and say they want to work with me or they are interested in the content I create and want to send me some gifts in the post. This is rare it doesn’t happen automatically because I am a blogger. I work incredibly hard on my blog and every PR email is a reward in my eyes. Even if the email isn’t a brand offering me something and it is just a PR company or brand telling me they like what I created one week. PR is a business transaction, you’re getting sent items and the companies sending them hope you will promote the items to your audience but, unless you have an audience, fit the brands style, create content that the brand likes, answer your emails and over all create relationships with PR companies parcels are not appearing on my door step like some people probably like to think happens. This is why for every email, parcel or paid partnership I get I am so grateful that the brand appreciates what I do, and what I do is something I love.

Obnoxious People

This one I have heard before, I actually had a few girls I went to school think this about me. They were wrong, very wrong. I can not speak on behalf of bloggers across the world but I think the word obnoxious gets very easily chosen as a word to use over words like self assured or even confident. Maybe there are some bloggers who are obnoxious but I feel a lot of us are misunderstood. We come across very confident online because it’s a lot easier to do than in real life. For example a lot of people assume I am a very confident person however, today it took me about 20 minutes to bring myself to make a phone call. The internet isn’t a CV into our lives it is tiny daily snippets and to judge someone for their online presence without actually knowing them speaks more about you than them. Maybe just applaud their confidence and support them rather than ridicule their loud voices.

Trendy Images & Colour Palettes

This is something which you’d have to be silly not to recognise in the blogosphere. There are a lot of creators who have very similar styles, colour palettes and outfit images, yes it’s no secret people like the same stuff. From a lot of people liking the same thing trends are created. Now I do believe everyone should create the content they love and fair enough if you are but in my opinion I think a lot of people follow the crowd. I have even done this my self when I felt the need to have a bright white asthetic to fit in. I was a wrong and soon realised after trying to create the perfect Instagram theme it was stupid, wasn’t me and I stopped. Maybe there are other people out there who feel the need to try and fit in, I hope soon they realise being themselves is so much funner. Who am I to judge anyone? Do what you want and if your style is similar to others embrace it, collaborate as long as you’re always true to yourself you can never go wrong!

24/7 Cell Service

Yes with new waves of technology from apps to cameras it is no secret that blogging can be done all from your mobile phone. For me I spend a lot of time on my phone but I know when to stop, I know when to have a date with my boyfriend or best friend and not go on it and I know when it’s okay to hang out with friends and be on Instagram. Maybe for some but not all our phones are not everything and I can say I don’t live on mine 24/7 but I do enjoy spending time online blogging from my phone.

Blogger To Podcaster

I thought this question was really funny because I am a blogger who would love to do a podcast, I just have no fucking idea how. I just think that podcasts have grew in popularity over recent years and more people are exposed to them learning what they are and they seem like a great project and something fun and potentially very helpful to others so why not do one? I do not think it’s just bloggers who want to do this I think in general it is a lot of people and a lot of people listen to them so if you have something to say just do it!

Now I just wanted to mention five things people assume about bloggers. These five where the most said ones and ones I could relate to. However, I know there are probably hundreds more out there I just wanted to remind everyone that it’s a lot easier to support people than to tear them down and of course you should never judge a book by its cover.

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