Belle Jordan X Obsession – Review

After seeing Belle Jordan announce her collaboration with Obsession I was checking my local Boots store like an animal stalking its prey. Finally a few weeks ago I got my hands on the goodies and they haven’t been out my makeup routine since. 

Eyeshadow Palette

Packaging & Price – I try and keep my reviews very to the point and easy to read so lets start the rundown with the packaging and price point. Packaging for the eyeshadow palette is a nice nude lilac colour with the inside of the palette being a pale pink, super nice and simple. My favourite thing about the packing is the gold 3D logo of Belle Jordan’s name. I think its really in keeping with her brand and it just looks cool, it kind of reminds me something Kat Von D would do (compliment). The price point is very cheap of course, Obsession is apart of the TAM Beauty house which only ever does affordable drugstore makeup products, so straight away I knew it would be affordable. It comes in at £10.00 for 16 shades. Less than £1 per single show which is insanely good.

Colours – Of course as soon as I see any palette which is either warm oranges or pretty purples I am down. This palette however, is a bit of both. It homes some incredible warm bronze shades as well as a vivid orange. It then also has an incredible magenta pink shade, some taupe pinks a deep plum and even better a jet black shade. I always love palettes that have a black in so I can turn any looking into more of a sultry smokey eye. My favourite shades though have to be ‘Bear’ – shimmery copper orange, ‘Sagittarius’ – bold matte orange and ‘Hot Sauce’ a rich dark red. All together actually make a bomb eye look. 

Pigment & Blending – Pigment of the shades I think is incredible for all except one. The shade ’13’ I think is a little hit and miss when swatched in the palette however, I can not comment for what it will be like on the eyes as that is one of the only shades I haven’t be able to use in a recent eye look. I do however, think that when used on the eyes with other shadows and a primer the berry plum will be absolutely fine. I think it is a colour I would probably only use to darken up my out of corner and probably not for the crease due to the lack of pigment when swatched. The other shades that I have used blend beautifully together and with other shadows too. Despite ‘Sagittarius’ being so bold it looks insanely all over the lid by itself blended about same with ‘1706’. The glittery shades in the palette are so smooth and buttery they also blend together with the matte shades seamlessly. 

Lipgloss Trio

Packaging & Price – Literally the cheapest price I have ever paid for one of the best lip glosses I own. This trio comes in at £6, so £2 for one gloss which is a bargain. The packaging for the glosses does feel on the cheaper side but this is a drug store affordable brand so it is understandable and expected. 

Colours & Pigment – Lets start with ‘Ever After’ the nudey brown shade. This shade is so god damn pigmented I can wear no lipstick underneath or liner. It is a gorgeous universal shade for every skin tone. ‘Wishes’ very similar to ‘Ever After’ is a more pinky nude that again is super pigmented and doesn’t really need any other lip products with it but it does compliment lipsticks with a glossy top coating. Now ‘Ditzy is probably the least pigmented of the three this is a true baby pink shade and probably the one I have worn most. It looks amazing by itself to add some shine but looks amazing over pink lipsticks and nudes. 100% would say for £6.00 it is worth grabbing these glosses while stocks last.

Over all I absolutely loved this collaboration and hope that there are more like this to come. I will be testing out that rich plum shade to see if my predictions are correct but I wouldn’t be put off by my preconceived thought. I think for a £10 the quality is amazing and this is probably one of the best palettes I have tried from the Tam Beauty house.

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