Adulting Sucks And No I am Not Trying To Be Relatable

You are literally thrown in the deep end without any swimming lessons first. That is adulating, drowning under life’s heavy waters. There is literally no other way for me to describe adulating without some fucking swear words thrown in, oops. It is crazy from being a fresh stress free graduate with the whole world ahead of you. Until you realise there are no jobs and you have bills as well as other life stresses. It is hard and it isn’t easy but I promise this blog as a pretty ending.

I Can’t Google This.

Lets start with not being taught jack shit about politics, mortgages and tax in school plus more adulting shiz. Okay fine our education system is pretty boss and school was an amazing part of my life both primary, secondary and university but there are somethings they just don’t teach. So it’s kinda up to you to be inquisitive and ask your parents an then ask them again because honestly first time around I didn’t understand a thing. Even now I am constantly asking them questions on mortgages and rent and asking my friend who live out. My conversations are just question after question and hey, its not a bad thing. It’s good to question, it’s a way to learn and it’s even better to question the people who have been through what you need to know about. It’s weird how you can know so much about a subject and nothing about another, I kinda wish there was a manual for this thing. Something I am coming to terms with is not knowing everything, that is fine and I like the fact like I am constantly learning. I am also learning that sometimes Google can not give me a definite answer, this again was a learning curve.

I am busy, sorry.

Bitch, you have no time to be going on a spontaneous trip away or for breakfast with your pals (extremely sad). For me maybe not everyone but I just feel there is not enough days in the week. Working full time, running a blog as well as socials, trying to eat healthy, have an exercise routine, spend quality time with your family, friends and boyfriend like please explain how I fit all this into the 2 days off. It is literally so hard so yeah I fall behind on blog post, forget to post on socials or even have to make plans with my best friends like a week or two ahead. It makes me super sad but I have friends who totally get me because they are doing the same or they have even more time consuming things to do than me so it’s nice that we support each other and when we can we always make time!

Goals get bigger and the journey gets longer.

VERY true! As I am delving into my twenties I am kind of trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life, where I wanna take my blog and what milestones I want to try and reach. One thing I have realised with lack of time means things I want to do I can just work on them instantly I need to try and set time aside to work on the things I love. So much so that projects or little ideas I want to do I have set as my like New Year goals already for 2019. The only positive I can see from the long winded journeys I am taking is that the more time I spend on something the better I feel the outcome will be. I just try and keep in mind that more time for me means more creativity and thats how I keep this dwelling thought at bay.

Spin Gold.

A crazy little quote I basically made up a few months back when I was having a pretty shitty time (still having a shitty time lol). In bad situations I try and make the best of them, whether that means tackling my problem head of or stepping back to see how I can turn this positive into a negative. Now I want to end this blog post on a good note as I am trying to tame my negative attitude even though adulating sucks it has a few super cool perks. The main one being I am a STRONG human being who has faced some hard challenges but i’m still here standing and thats pretty fucking boss. As I face these challenges and there is a lot more than I mentioned they were just the tip of the iceberg, I build more character. My personality is constantly growing and my mind never stops learning and I am pretty grateful for that, I am trying to always be moving forward and not backwards. That’s not to say I never go backwards because I do and yeah it sucks but I am still here and that is always enough. despite the bad there is always good and no matter what the universe throws at me I know I can handle it.

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