Twenty Seven Thousand Pounds Later

If you have been a long time reader you might have caught my two earlier blog posts explaining how I felt attending university and my overall experience of year one and two. Well today I’m going to give you my overall point of view about university. I’ll discuss; funding, resources, courses and people. Now that I am a graduate I can actually get real about this. Incase you didn’t know bad mouthing your university over social media can actually end in you being kicked out, I was warned.

£9000 Is Not The Total On Your Bill

Let’s start with the big overall decider for many people including myself. It costs around £9000 a year to attend university in the UK. It can depend on your course, if you’re an international student and many other things, but for me, it was the standard £9000 debt thrown at me on my very first day. Of course some other parts of the World it can actually be a lot more than this, but for me living up North in England £9000 was a lot of money. I was about to incur a lot of debt over the next 3 years. After attending multiple student finance seminars and meetings I decided to go forward and plunge myself into the money pit we call University. Of course there are some incredible resources you can get to support yourself at University and I was lucky enough to have student finance helping me, my parents (thank you) and myself. While at university I always had a part time job to fund myself and my creativity, without this job I don’t know what I’d have done. Unlike some courses you just have to pay for books and trips however, for my course ‘Fashion Communication’ I had to pay a hell of a lot more. From materials, printing, equipment it was an endless bank statement and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Oh and let’s not forget, I actually lived at home and studied and I still struggled. So £9000 is just a starting point. It is defiantly not the final end of year payment. Along with student finance and materials, it ends up being an expensive 9 months and you’re not living in luxury.

Where Does My Money Go

Of course it is not cheap running a university there are tons of things your £9000 goes to and when I think about it I am okay with that. My loan went to paying electricity bills, computer software, equipment, lecturers, trips and so much more that goes on behind the scenes that even I don’t know about. Yes £9000 is a lot of money but with the government making so many cuts the uni’s probably need more than the four digits they receive. For me it was a hell of a lot of money and a lot of debt to get myself into but I know that for my three years I made the most of it. From just attending uni everyday. Okay so I didn’t attend everyday I was ill some days but other than that my ass was sat on a seat front row at near enough every class I had. I knew what I was paying and I wanted the most if it. Yes I wish I didn’t pay £9000 and I wish it was less as I know it really puts off a lot of people from attending but if I’m in debt for something I am goddamn going to make the most of it.

Resources – My Lecturers

Now from the get go my lecturers are some of the most amazing human beings I ever had the pleasure of meeting. After talking to friends about their experiences they told me some of their lecturers didn’t even know their names, crazy. My lecturers basically knew my whole life because I would just splurge my feelings onto them daily but I actually feel like they cared. They asked about my weekend and what I got up to and how I could really use my personal life in art work. Aside from the other resources we had at university like, cameras, a studio, computers, software etc I really feel like for my course my lectures where the most important resource I had.

My Course Was Not What I Expected

Now I knew going in I was not going to enjoy every project and there where a lot I just didn’t gel with and I was thrilled to get them over and done with. I understood this and got on with it because I knew third year was going to be a project of my own that I would get to have the creative freedom with. Studying fashion at university I assumed basically everything would circle the fashion world and even though a lot of it was fashion based from this I could go off and explore other areas like art, culture, politics, money. I was rarely broad and this was something I loved. My only negative point about my course was the work space we had at my university. It was very small and didn’t have enough space to show our creative brains and have our own work station. This was something I thought I would have as it was advertised on open days but with an increasing number of people attending university and courses getting bigger it wasn’t an option which I understand but something I really wished I had.

I Am Not A People Person

Going to university made me realise I am not a people person. I am quiet shy and find it really hard to make friends and connect with people. This is why at university I didn’t have a huge friend group I had an extremely small about of girls I got on with and that was it. We were all there to get our degrees, show our creativity and graduate. There were a lot of people I didn’t connect with at university and as much as it upset me having to be surrounded by some pretty mean people it really made me realise that I can’t make everyone happy, at the end of the day it’s okay not to be friends with everyone.

Over all I enjoyed university for the creativity, yes it is a hell of ALOT of money but I am glad I done it. I don’t regret it and I feel secure that my degree has really helped me improved my future and helped me get my first job. I would advise others to go to university to, if the job you want requires a degree, you really love a subject and want a qualification in that field. I don’t recommend going to uni to do a subject you’re half arsed about graduating knowing you could have got a better grade if you tried. If you’re going to do it give it your everything and make it to graduation and be proud of achieving a degree because it is bloody hard. Ohh and 100% attend open days, ask questions, email universities to obtain more information do everything you need to, to make sure you’re making the right decision.


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