Chapter Nine

It’s been basically six months of on and off, mostly off blogging on here so starting this blog post is really hard and so far I have sat at a blank screen from around 20 minutes. I know, I have a lot of explaining to do right? First off before I get into the nitty gritty which has been my life for the past six months, I want to say a huge thank you to Nicce for sponsoring this blog post and kicking my ass into gear getting me back into blogging, oh and of course thank you for this super cute and cozy black hoodie, I love it.

So I guess I should properly start from January because honestly everything before then is a complete blur. My last post was very early January and shortly after I wrote this post my life really did ‘flip turn upside down’ brownie points if you know the theme tune. Ignoring my strange humour something I kept super quiet on all social media platforms was me and my boyfriend Alex broke up. I did this because it fucking sucked, know even though I’m in a place where I would love to be able to talk about it and give my advice on break ups and taking some time out to love yourself, I have to remember there was someone else in the relationship and at their request I respect the fact that he wants to keep it private. Now with that bombshell I have been keeping a secret for six months. Let’s move onto the rest of the beginning of 2018.

Post breakup I decided to focus every little bit of time, effort and energy into the last six months of my degree. I literally worked my fingers to the bone, 7am wake ups and 11pm finishes non stop. I did quite frankly, kill me but after recently receiving my results and graduating I can say it was worth it. Honestly now I miss it, I want new creative projects to work on and to just be expressive which I guess is another reason I really need to get back to my blog. Now for graduating, I am saving all this info for another blog post I want to write on my third and final year at uni and what I learn’t and how university benefitted me and was the right choice. So stick around for that coming soon.

Apart from being sad and cuddling my Indesign work, nothing super interesting has happened. After finishing uni in May I decided to give myself the long extended break I felt I really deserved. My brain was so occupied with break ups and 3mm bleeds on books, I felt I didn’t even have time to think.  So from May to now I have honestly just listening to podcasts, eaten better than I did, worked out a little and in general just took better care of my body, brain and soul. I have hung out with my mates way more, which is boss and even made new ones. Huge thank you to the friends answering their doors to my 2:00am breakdowns and distracting my mind with the Kardashians and guac, you are really the best. Honestly, if anyone is reading this who feels they need to do so too, I really recommend on your next day off not setting your alarm and just live peacefully for a day with no social media. Hey why not throw a face mask on? 


Ahh another thing, social media. I have been away from it for so long I have realised what I love, hate and fucking despise. However, the positive is that it has given me a clear head on the content I want to create and post and I feel excited for all the new blog posts and Instagram pictures and maybe YouTube but I can’t promise. Now aside from this, I pretty much guess that is you guys caught up on my life, I healed a heart, turned 22 and got a degree. Hopefully next time will be more interesting, but this is the life of Erin, how much more interesting can it get? Until next time, thank you for reading… 




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