LVL Lashes With Nupura Spa

A while ago on my Instagram you might have seem me raving all about my new lashes. For a long time I have been wanting to get LVL lashes but I have been so scared that my eyelashes would fall out or just something terrible would happen. Dramatic I know my I have sensitive eyes and I really hate messing with them. Anyway after much deliberation I decided to get LVL lashes done after one of my close friends told me how amazing they are and after seeing Abbie’s, she too wrote a post which you can read HERE. Since I’ve had them done around three weeks now I can tell you that there is no way I couldn’t get them re done. They make all the effort so you don’t have to. Most of the week and weekends to be honest I don’t wear makeup at all. But with wearing no makeup for me comes with looking super small eyed and tired. However, since having my lashes done I can wear no makeup at all yet look like I have layers of mascara without the clumpy uncomfortable feeling.

LVL lashes are where you have your lashes permed and tinted so the end result is super long curled dark lashes hence the mascara look. They last for around 6-8 weeks which I was really surprised at I honestly thought the curl would only last about a month and the tint a couple of weeks but for me I am nearly a month into having them and they still look as amazing as they did they day I got them.

The treatment lasts around an hour and it by far is the most relaxing hour of your life. In Nupura spa you enter this beautiful atmosphere of chilled music, warm relaxing rooms complete with heated blankets and endless cups of tea! So you basically lie there while the magician does their work to your lashes. It starts with opening the hair shafts of your lashes prepping so the permitting solution can do it’s own magic, perming your lashes and them onto tinting them. The whole process is pain free and I felt literally no discomfort. The only thing which for me is uncomfortable is the tinting part. Every time I’ve had my lashes tinted the fumes from the products can stingy a little bit but having LVL compared to normal tinting isn’t bad at all. It hasn’t scared me off as I am so excited to go back for more!

If any of you guys are interested in getting your LVLs done I will leave Nupura’s details below for you to have a look…

See you soon…


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