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Hello! Your bitch made it back for another weekly blog post! I am honestly so happy to be posting another little #OOTD look I really love doing these and I do want to bring more fashion/style content to my blog. So todays post in an outfit I literally through together in 0.5 seconds and after shooting it I realised I was a little ambitious for Spring and Spring isn’t even one of my favourite seasons but I can say this year I am super excited for it. So this outfit is me getting a little bit in the mood for cloudless days when the sun is shining.

Jacket of course is something you have seen a millions times on me. My good old trusty faux leather jacket from MANGO. This is my go to jacket as I just adore the style and shape and find out of all m leather jackets it is just the easiest to style. The quality for this faux leather jacket is also really good and shocked me as i have easily gone through faux leather jackets quit quickly over the years. However, this jacket was purchased via NEXT in the sale so sadly I do not think it is available but I will try pop a link at the bottom of this post with similar jackets.

Top was a steal I got in the Boxing day sales from TOPSHOP. I grabbed this for £20 and then used student discount so for £18 I think this was a steal. It is super flattering with the v neck without being too low that my non existent boobs poke out but also the draw string under the bust is super flatter on the stomach again without being too revealing. Oh and of course I love the monochrome of this perfect to match everything else in my wardrobe.

I then paired this with the comfiest jeans I own, my vintage LEVI mom jeans. Now these jeans are super big on me but they are the closet jeans I can find to fit my body. I have really enjoyed them being super baggy and oversized and I think paired with heeled boots, as seen here, really compliments them but I do have ideas to have these altered to fit my body properly! These are available in most vintage stores and charity shops or you can even buy new direct from Levi.

Now I paired these with my black PVC boots. These shoes are by far one of my favourite pairs so much that I never want to wear them as I am trying to keep them scuff free for as long as possible. I bought these from URBAN OUTFITTERS last summer 16. However, tons of shops to still sell super similar ones so I am sure I will be able to link a pair for you!

Then I topped this off with a few funky accessories. From my round red bag purchased from BRANDY MELVILLE to these super cat eye 90s glasses from UO. I feel that this look is one of those accident outfits one you out together at random and it ends up working well. This look made me feel like I had some what made effort when really I just put on what was clean. I feel it had an effortless vibe to it which works well for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks blog post head back next weekend for more from me! See you next Sunday…




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