Chapter Eight

Now I said I was going to get better at writing these diary entries and here I am sticking to my promise! Last thing I updated you guys on was summer and how I had just started back at university entering my final year. Well the first semester is done and dusted and I am about to start the second semester in just a few days. Am I shitting myself? YES, YES I AM. But I am not here to moan about university like I normally do. I’m filling you in on the last four months.

Let’s start with me and Alex celebrated our four year anniversary in September when we got back from LA and it is honestly crazy to think that it has already been four years. If someone asked me how old I was I would still say seventeen! Time is literally flying past us so fast but we have made so many amazing memories in the last four years that I can’t wait for the next four years. Think about all the memories we have made makes me feel like we have been together for decades but it really does only feel like yesterday we only met yesterday.

For October I honestly can’t really remember the month, it went past in a blur and like most Halloweens I didn’t do much! I attended a blogging event with Abbie at Alma De Cuba and then me and Alex had a few date nights but apart from that I was lying on my floor surrounded by a mass mess of paper, glue sticks and ribbon trying to create a sketchbook. My eyes were in a constant heavy daze from starring at computer screens and this pretty much followed into November. I was busy finishing my first deadlines, moving onto new project and trying to write my dissertation. 

At this point I am probably nearing the end of November which is kinda where the universe is like “hey! Your 2016 hasn’t been shitty enough so here is more shit, love the universe”. It sucked, real bad. But there has been some incredible positives come from it, like mine and Abbie’s relationship. Our friendship is so much stronger and we are closer than ever. It still doesn’t excuse shit times but it makes me think about those tough times when you are sinking and you finally sink to the bottom and you can’t get any lower it just means that you can only float back up. That is what I am leaving learning from 2017, when things are bad they can only get better.

05/12/17. A night I don’t think I can ever forget. Me and Abbie went to see Kasabian at the Echo Arena and my god it was fucking amazing! We drank a few too many gins, took a lot of pictures and didn’t stop saying baby girl but it is something me and her need to do a little more. We love being grandmas and sitting in bed talking about our problems while sipping tea but we also like to dance and shake our hair out from time to time. This then leads me to multiple breakdowns but finishing my first semester at university and going onto Christmas break. I celebrated a lot of birthdays, had a beautiful Christmas day with the family, welcomed a new member into the family and of course rang in the new year with a boss bunch of people. I also nearly forgot to mention, I got a tattoo. Yes I know how crazy! I have wanted a couple tattoo ideas for a very long time now, I am talking years. So finally I grew the balls and got one along with my bestie Abbie (Blush&Noise), it has been a hell of a tough year for us so we decided to end it on a good note! I had a hell of a lot of fun in December and after a not so good year I made up for lost time and memories with loved ones. 

This takes us up to date we are at the beginning of January and I am planning what I want to get out of 2018, something I may share if you guys want to read. Eighteen is my favourite number so I already have a good feeling about this one. I kinda have a few exciting ideas up my sleeve so I am sure all will be revealed soon. I wish all my readers the best of luck in 2018 and I am sending you all my love! Thank for sticking around listening to me moan, cry but also for celebrating the good times with me, I really appreciate it.

See you next Friday!


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