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First I must apologise for my absence, I will soon be clearing that up I promise. Today I am bringing you a post a little late as I would have really have liked to have had this posted early January but better late than never I guess. I want to be telling you about all these amazing beauty products I found in 2017. From the best setting powder I have ever owned to something I tried on December 31st. I have a full mix of new and old beauty bits to share.

Starting with what I think is the best setting powder ever. Earlier this year I ran out of my beloved Laura Mercier and I decided to opt for a cheaper drugstore alternative so I tired the AIRSPUN LOOSE POWDER. Now yes to me this does have a very vintage perfume smell but I get over that because sets my under eyes like no other. It keeps my concealer on and stops it melting down my face. I am sure a lot of you have seen the incredible Patrick Starr use this in his videos if not go and check him out because he swears by this wonderful powder and if he isn’t king of setting powder I don’t know who is. Available from Amazon for the amazing price of £14.99.

Now the next item is something I will forever replace in my collection. Abigail you know BLUSH&NOISE hammered on at me for months and months to get this product and when I finally did I understood what all the fuss was about. Charlotte Tilbury’s FILMSTAR BRONZE AND GLOW literally is revolutionary. The highlight is perfect and a beautiful shade for all skin tones but the beauty of this palette has to be the bronzer. Despite having a slight shimmer to it the colour is perfect for me and I am super pale. However, I have seen so many gorgeous women of all different skin tones try this out in youtube videos and it seems that it adapts very well on different complexions. Another reason why I love this so much is because you literally have to do no work at all. I find bronzing my face worse than doing a winged liner. I can go way over board and completely ruin my face makeup because I was too heavy handed or the shade just is not my colour. With this one the colour is perfect and it blends to effortlessly that I feel I can never go wrong with it ever and for this reason it is in my 2017 best of beauty.

While in LA I treated myself at the Kat Von D stand in Sephora. She is one of my favourite makeup brands by far from the incredible coverage to instantly bold colours she brings out and of course she is cruelty free! I bought myself her FOUNDATION after again hearing nothing but amazing reviews. I haven’t looked back since. After developing acne earlier last year I found myself needed a full coverage matte foundation and this was the one I was looking for. It is super duper thick so if you like more of a natural look I would say stay away. If like me you want the full drag queen glamour you should head to your local counter ASAP!. Along with the foundation I also purchased the CONCEALER again this is just as amazing as the foundation but I would say that it dries down to matte extremely quickly so I have to do one eye first set it and then move onto the other eye other wise I am setting my matte under eye with a matte powder causing it to be a little cakey. I do not blame the product though I blame me I am not a make up artist after all.

JACLYN HILL. She blessed this earth with her incredible makeup palette late 2017 and on behalf of everyone who adores makeup we are so grateful. You’ve heard me bang on so much about the holy grail palette by Violet Voss and how it is a ride or die for me well JH came along and knocked it out the park for me! Never have I used a glitter shadow which hasn’t fell all down my face nor have I used such creamy butter shadows before that blend with little to no effort. She really did come to play with this palette and she clearly won the game. The colour of course are very Erin but there are some very cool colours I wouldn’t see myself wearing but I think are a beautiful addition to other colours in the palette. It is so well thought out and I am so happy I waited so long for it.

At the very beginning of the year I bought some ZOEVA brushes in Berlin and they are always being used whenever I do my eye makeup. I never really talk about brushes that often on my blog and I find it is because non never really blow me away. I do have a few ride or dies I have mentioned but ultimately to me a brush is a brush. Until I met Zoeva. Especially the 228 Luxe Crease. It changed my eyeshadow game forever and now I could never look back not even back to my MAC 217. This is a brush I could easily create a whole eye look with and have it blended seamlessly. If you haven’t tried them I would say invest in a couple first and them maybe go ahead and buy a set which I think is what I am going to do.

Back in around 2015 I tried Maybelline COLOUR SENSATIONAL MATTE lipsticks and in 2017 I went back and purchased more colours after hearing Manny MUA rave about ‘Beige Babe’. I really do think they are some of the best lipsticks out there and easily compete with lipsticks over double their price. I really do wish that the matte colour sensational’s did have a massive colour selection like MAC does but hey you can’t have it all right? Beige Babe and Nude Embrace have been my go to lipsticks for a very long time of 2017 and even though I tested the formula years ago I re fell in love with them and the new colours they released. Let’s hope for more in 2018.

Now I am sure a lot of you reading this are wondering what product I could possibly have fell in love with for 24 hours and that is so good it is already making it’s way in my 2017 best of beauty. Well on New Years Eve, me and Abbie had our makeup done at Kat Von D in Liverpool. The makeup artist doing my makeup convinced me to go for a bold waterline colour instead of my classic brown. She said orange would look amazing and she wasn’t wrong. She did however use a lipliner called a go go as KVD doesn’t have a full range of makeup, yet. So I don’t know wether this is safe so please do not listen to me, use your own brain. She used Kat Von D ‘A-GO-GO’ a bright vibrant orange (lip liner) which made my dark eyes pop on NYE. Both as an eyeliner and lipliner the formula is amazing and doesn’t budge at all. I honestly hadn’t really thought about bold waterlines with a heavy eye look but I think you can expect it a lot more from me!

Thank you all for reading, see you next Sunday!



    • Erin Tisdale
      January 28, 2018 / 8:47 pm

      I adore it! The smells is not great but the powder itself is amazing.BITCHIN'BLONDE

  1. Eloise
    January 28, 2018 / 6:51 pm

    That eyeshadow palette, all the heart eye emojis! x

    • Erin Tisdale
      January 28, 2018 / 8:48 pm


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