Too Faced Just Peachy Matte Palette

Matte eyeshadow. Something which used to just bore me. I always done super heavy glitter/shimmer looks but recently I’ve found a new love for a basic matte eye. I’ve been creating these matte smokey eyes with the incredible ‘Too Faced Just Peachy Matte Palette’ and today here I am reviewing it for you guys. Now I did buy this palette while I was away in Los Angeles however, you can buy it on Sephora or the Too Faced website! It comes with the price tag of £33.00/ not quite sure how much I bought it for in LA but I think it was a little bit cheaper due to the currency exchange from GBP to USD.

There is very little that I dislike about the palette so let start with the bad and get it out the way. The packaging. I am sure someone loves this packing but for me I just really hate it I think it is super tacky. Sorry, not sorry it is just my opinion. But you guys know nothing really bothers me enough to hate a product so I am easily over this, clearly as I spent over £30+ on a palette I am more into the product rather than it’s packaging. Only good thing about the packaging is the super big mirror, when I am travelling this will be something I really appreciate.

Now that is out of the way let me jump straight into the good. One, the smell is amazing all Too Faced products smell great, it is a super sweet peach scent it is 1000% times better than a chemical smell like other palettes I own. Two, the colours are just beautiful. Like of course I’m a girl who loves a warm smokey eye but these shades really give a warm smokey eye a kick. Shades like ‘PEACHES AND CREAM’ and ‘JUST PEACHY’ look amazing and on your eyes these shades look vibrant. I’ve been wearing peaches and cream all over my lid with mascara on days I can’t be bothered doing a full smokey eye and it just looks like I’ve made this crazy effort or I’m some sort of mua. It is honestly all in the palette. Of course my favourite shade in the palette has to be ‘PEACH PUNCH’ and this really does pack a punch being a vibrant coral red shade. Amazing in the crease with ‘PEACH TART’ all over the lid! Another thing which just makes me love this palette even more is how warm the brown shades are. Most brown eyeshadows I own look really cool in comparison to this palette so I’m happy I have cool brown and warm toned brown shadows as they were something I was really missing in my collection.

Apart from being deeply in love with the colour scheme of this palette I also really like the pigment and blend-ability of the shadows. I have another palette from Too Faced and they are some of the best I have tried so I did have high hopes for this palette and it has really lived up to my expectations. I can’t lie I had a bumpy road with this palette in the beginning but I put that down to ‘bad makeup days’ you know those when you wake up your skins broken out, brows are long lost relatives and then your shadow doesn’t blend. I know we’ve all been there but thankfully I can say it’s not you Too Faced it’s me.

I never thought i’d ever catch myself doing a completely matte eye but this palette has transformed my makeup habits and I am open to trying new looks nowadays! I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks blog post let me know in the comments below if you have tried this and what you thought! See you next Friday for a catch up…



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