Aviator Jacket

The jacket that near everyone owns and with good reason. Today I am going to be showing you how easy it is to style this staple jacket. I picked mine up last winter from Missguided after being sadly let down by the Topshop version. I found it was super hard to find one which was warm and of nice quality. I honestly took a risk when I ordered this one from Misguided but I haven’t look back since. I can’t remember the exact price I paid for this jacket but I remember it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket, it was pretty affordable. Currently on the Misguided website they have a full range of these style coats in multiple colours ranging from £55-85. I think for a good winter coat this is a great price and affordable as most other companies selling winter coats go well up and over £100.

Now this is my second winter with this coat and so far it is still going strong. It’s so warm and it isn’t extremely heavy which is why I think I love it the most. The style of course is classic and I’ve realised it is something I can bring out every year. It is also so simple to style, it really does go with everything in my wardrobe. Naturally I love the biker style these jackets have and it is wonderful to find faux shearling ones too if you prefer not to wear animal products. Another thing I really love about this jacket it the detailing of the zips and buckles. I think this is what gives it more of a biker grunge feel which is everything I hope to describe my wardrobe as.

From jeans to skirts to even these leather pants featured it is the item I never have to think about I know no matter what I chuck it on with it goes with everything. It’s my fail proof, the go to and my warm winter coat all wrapped into one. I styled it with some classic patent leather boots from Next, my leather pants from Zara, this gorgeous autumnal blouse (a fave) originally from Topshop but I purchased from Depop! Then topped off with a baker boy hat (another winter fave). I have also styled this jacket with high waisted flares popper pants, hoodies, band t-shirt and jeans. Literally my entire wardrobe goes hand in hand with this coat. I think it is pretty obvious that what I am trying to say is that it is a great addition to your wardrobe if you’re in two minds about buying one.

I am currently on the hunt for another one and I am hoping to bag on in the boxing day sales. Maybe a black one with red faux fur. or even a brown or a grey one would be perfect for my wardrobe. There are tons out there so I will link a few of them below for you guys to have a little look.

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