Regrowz Hair Growth

I have been keeping a little secret. Over half a year ago now I was asked to take part in a hair growth trial with a brand called Regrowz. I decided at this point that I was going to grow my bleach out so a little help in the growing department wasn’t going to go a miss. This trial I took part in was top secret and I had to very strictly use their product every other day for yes a whole 6 months. Along the way I documented my hair growth by taking a photograph of my hair on the first of every month to keep track. Of course with my natural hair being dirty blonde and my ends bleached white it was very easy and very ugly to see my hair growth happening. Thanks to Regrowz I am at a point that my hair is growing and grew long enough for the bleach to blend a little better. 

Now to use this product is something you need to set time aside for, which is what I found. I couldn’t just quickly do the routine of apply the scalp stimulant and then quickly wash it out. I had to every other day set aside around 2 hours, but for someone who is struggling with thinning hair or hair loss it is something you’ll do for what you desire. To use the Regrowz products set aside around an hour, screw the comb attachment to the scalp stimulant and simply comb through your hair keeping it at your roots and scalp. Simple, now leave for 30 mins and let it do its magic. After rinsing the stimulant off apply a few drops of the restoration serum to your palms and again apply to roots and scalp. Now this product has to be kept on for around an hour so here is your chance to read a book, write a blog post or just have some you time. Again rinse out and you’re finally finished. The product is available to purchase at REGROWZ

THE GOOD. The good thing about this product is that it really does work as you can see from my before and after photos my hair has grown a lot in six months. For me something I noticed within the first month was that I had a lot more baby hairs or ‘peach fuzzies’ growing around my hair line , which was great for me as I am so fair my hair line isn’t exactly strong. I noticed that my hair at the roots was feeling a lot thicker than my ends however I do have bleached ends so naturally it does feel less glossy and thick compared to the roots. I have no balding patches so I am unable to comment for hair loss however it did I think bring new hairs to my scalp so it could do the same for you. 

THE BAD. Now there isn’t a lot I dislike about this product apart from one little thing. I experienced my hair snapping, not a lot at all and I don’t know whether it was due to my bleached ends or that I used this product for six months. Of course apply this treatment which I can only assume contains a lot of protein to help your hair, I was told by a hairdresser apply too much protein can cause tour hair to snap off, so this was a fault of my own not the product. I would probably due to this only recommend the product to be used for 3 months as recommended by Regrowz and then afterwards not using the product again until a few months later. Now one thing which doesn’t bother me too much is the smell but I do warn you if you are not a fan of liquorice or aniseed sweets this may not be the best smelling product to you. For me I love liquorice but it is kind of a ‘marmite’ sweet, you do really either love it or hate it and that’s what I think about this scent. However I understand this scent comes from the fact the ingredients are herb, fruit and plant extracts. 

Now of course I have featured good and bad points about this product so I am sure you’re wondering whether I would recommend this, now I wouldn’t be writing this post if I wouldn’t. I say if your hair is extremely thin or you had started to bald give it a go it won’t hurt! After all this product is for people with hair loss or thinning hair. 

Thank you for joining me again I hope you will all be back next Friday for another post! 



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