My Time At The McArthurGlen Student Night!

Welcome back to my blog guys! Today is something for my fellow peers, a post dedicated to students. Recently I was invited by the team at McArthurGlen to visit Cheshire Oaks for their student event. It was a night filled with mega discounts, beer pong and even a cinema which I thought was super cool and something a little different, a great event welcoming all students to the area.

I was super keen to see what the shops had to offer and arriving there I was so shocked to see so many new stores had opened, including a new makeup store. There is also Karl Lagerfeld store coming soon EEEK! Cheshire Oaks is a retail park which sells branded stuff a little bit cheaper than the stores themselves with items being old stock or limited edition pieces. Now apart from big brands already doing amazing discounts for the student night, most brands were doing an extra 20% off. I KNOW!!! My jaw dropped and I headed straight to the Levi store. Sadly what I wanted was sold out (of course it’s student night), but this just meant that I had more money to spend on something else! Now there was tons and tons of things I wanted and I’m pretty sure every other student their felt the same. I did end up restraining myself and I decided on one piece. Something which is a staple and something I really needed.

I headed into Dr Martens, one of my favourite brands ever. I noticed as I was about to leave that they had loads of bags in sale at the back of the store I decided to go an have a little look and to my amazement they had a bag i’ve wanted for around two years! Now two years is a long time but the reason I never bought it was because it had a very large price tag. I noticed a gorgeous burgundy one, which happened to be the only one left. I decided to just go for it. Usually I would think about it long and hard but the incredible team at McArthurGlen gifted me with a gift card to treat myself so I decided this was my treat. Now with the sale, gift card and extra student discount on top I ended up paying £26 for the most incredible bag ever (I’m sure it’ll be on here soon). I am still in shock when the sales assistant said £26, honestly best bargain so far of 2016. It comes full circle as this is now my waterproof backpack for uni. A bag I can fit everything in, including giant sketchbooks and my laptop and everything be safe and dry inside when it is raining.

I honestly had a great time there and even without the student night on I know I will be back visiting soon, the deals are too hard to stay away from. Also if any of my lovely Liverpudlians are wondering how to get there, the X8 from Liverpool city centre takes you straight there. It does take around an hour but it is a great little day out for you and your pals!

Huge thank you to the team at McArthurGlen Cheshire Oaks for inviting me and treating me to some goodies! If you guys want to see what shops your can drool over just click HERE 


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