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Hi Guys welcome back to Bitchin’Blonde. This week I am uploading something I should have posted weeks ago but i have only just been able to get round to writing it up so apologies that I am jumping on the band wagon a little too late. Of course I am talking about the Fenty beauty range which launched a couple weeks ago and yes drop the mic the world went f*cking crazy! As soon as I woke up that Friday morning the world had gone crazy to get their hands on her highlighters and of course yes foundation which comes in 40 shades if you didn’t now already.

I was very kindly asked to attend a blogger breakfast early in the morning at Harvey Nics Liverpool to have a sneak peek at the products and play around with everything! Despite only landing back in the UK the day before I couldn’t miss this incredible opportunity and I was up at 6am ready to swatch! When I arrived I was greeted by all the amazing staff at the Liverpool store and taken up stairs to preview and play around with a few items before being unveiled the counter situated on the ground floor in HN. I honestly was 1. shocked at how big the counter is and 2. I was in a trance at all the incredible products from the infamous trophy Wife highlighter to the Chilli Mango Match Stix. Then 3. what shocked me the most was the price! It is actually a pretty damn affordable makeup line, yes it is high end but it has a reasonable price tag. With the foundations coming in at £26, Match Stix £21, Kilowatt highlighters are £26, everything is based between £8-£26 which I think is amazing considering the price of other beauty lines.

Now for my good and bad points on these products… The good of course is price instantly got a yes from me when I seen the price tag. The packaging is pretty I myself really love the nude flesh tone packaging on the match stixs (which are also magnetic), the compacts are a white iridescence shiny packaging which I don’t mind either it all is kind of different but perfectly fits together. It’s nice to see sisters and not twins if you know what I mean. From the line I bought ‘Ridiiic’ Match Stix which is a gorgeous orange shimmer blush or highlighter or for an eyeshadow base! Yes that’s right the match stixs are a universal product which is why I love them, it shows to me that this beauty line is for everyone and anyone. I then was gifted two items by HN which was another match six in the shade ‘Trippin’ literally my perfect blush shade, i haven’t been able to stop wearing this! I was also gifted a Killawatt highlighter duo in the shades ‘Ginger Binge’ and ‘Moscow Mule’ now these two are a little dark for my complexion however I know they are going to make bomb eyeshadows!

Now for the bad? Well I don’t have anything negative to say about anything I’ve tried or anything I’ve seen. I literally love everything she has done so far and I am honestly excited to see what else she brings out in the future. She has already rocked the makeup world and I expect she’ll continue to do so. Oh and if I couldn’t love this line enough it is also cruelty free and I’ve heard a few products in this line are vegan, so yes honestly Rhianna didn’t come to play!

Hope you guys enjoyed my little run down of my thoughts and feelings about the new line but I wanna know what you guys thought? Favourite products? Foundation shades let me know in the comments below…

See you next Friday…



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