Chapter Seven

Yes it is that time already. A new diary entry, from me, Erin. Chapter seven is rolling around just three months after chapter six which if you haven’t already read that one just search my drop down for ‘something different’ and have a little scroll back, you’ll find it. So I promise since the last chapter a few things have gotten better a few things have stayed a little meh but that is all for another time.

One amazing thing to have happened over summer is that Alex graduated with a first class honours and an award which was definatley a proud gf moment. It inspired me so much to work so much harder as I enter my final year and really strive and push forward for the grade I want. Someone else who influences me on a everyday basis but gave me a real tear jerking moment is of course Abigail, my beautiful best friend who also done incredible and smashed her degree and got an amazing job, you the best babe. These to constantly help me, support me and make me wanna be a better version of myself and that I am always grateful for.

Oh you know how I mentioned final year, yep that started this week. It was a strange feeling of being happy and nervous and half pukey. I walked in an out and then back in to so many classes this week but I am happy I am there near everyday of the week pushing myself to get the degree I want! I honestly can’t wait for next year to put that cap and gown on and make my parents and brother so proud. Talking about siblings and being proud my brother recently set off down south to start his university degree, it was a long and lengthy journey for him to get there but we are so happy he made the decision to go and experience something incredible. Good luck living down south bro, I hope the prices of uni books doesn’t kill ya…

University is full on and this is my final year which means this is my last shot to get good grades, there is no going back. It does sadly mean that Bitchin’Blonde on all platforms takes a bit of a back seat which honestly hurts my little old heart. I do still want to post weekly on my blog but this means that blog post content may be a little old as I will be pre writing everything weeks before. My YouTube? Well towards the end of second year I stopped uploaded the 1 video a month, which sucked but my university work had to be my main priority. I want to keep posting and I will try to get a video up every Sunday till the end of September and then from there on out it will just be 1 video a month, if I can. I can’t make promises because already just one week into university I have so much work. Fingers crossed I can still post but I do promise that when I finish in May it will be 4 blogs and 4 videos a month, you have my word.

Now despite having truly the worst Summer ever I had Alex by my side which always makes everything better. We ended summer by going on our holidays to Los Angeles, which I am sure you are all sick to death of hearing about. Well I am not sick yet of talking about it. It was a crazy experience and one I will never ever forget. I’ve posted a ton of photos over on my Instagram ‘bitchinblondeblog‘ so you can check out all my snaps there. It was honestly amazing to be able to actually go and enjoy ourselves and create some amazing memories and of course eat some serious cake. From Minnie Mouse icing to dark chocolate sprinkles it was a dream and thats just the food, the sights, the shopping and the pink and blue pastel skies every night are what I will always remember. Thank you for being my travel buddy and carrying the suitcases Al!

I think that is basically pretty much everything I had to fill you guys in on my end of summer was spent sunning myself in Santa Monica and now it is back to the university grind. I want to start writing more diary entries and not to leave them so far apart. Even if they are short like this one.

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks post be sure to come back Friday for another…



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    September 29, 2017 / 7:33 pm


    • Erin Tisdale
      October 5, 2017 / 6:06 pm

      With you by my side…BITCHIN'BLONDE

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