NYX Total Control Drop Foundation | REVIEW

Welcome back to my world! Today I decided that I am going to be revising the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, I wanted to review it as I haven’t really seem much fuss been made about it since it landed in the UK back in July. I know when it first launched Instagram went crazy but it was a lot of beauty influencers in the US talking about it and trying it more than UK. So I am here today to review in case you are like me about a month ago completely stuck on what to think or even what shade to get! So I bought this product whole heartily because it is NYX, I can’t hide my love for them I literally love nearly every single god damn product they come out with so I was about 99.9% sure this was a foundation for me. I also bought it because well they had a lot of shades mostly drugstore brands have crap shades for pale girls and pale girls with yellow undertones, this so far is a winner already for me. 

The foundation itself is £14, which is on the higher price of drugstore foundations but still completely affordable. Then all of a sudden you see everyone using a brush with it (also from NYX) so you’re like maybe the brush too and soon you’ve spent £60 at the counter and you have no idea how. So yeah I got the foundation and brush for £29, which isn’t super cheap but for a foundation and brush it kinda is, you can’t really argue. I bought mine in Boots, a girl wants her points uno. Then I realised you can also buy it at ASOS, which means student discount might be accepted on this item. I haven’t checked but usually Unidays discount code for ASOS works on everything it’s a students treat. 

Of course I’m always going to start with the good. The shade range is great it just wasn’t perfect. It took me so long to choose a shade 1. because the sales assistant was off somewhere in Clarins but also 2. I am indecisive as fuck and honestly couldn’t choose a shade (I ended up with ’06 Vanilla’). After I pulled the girl away from talking about the night before she gave me her opinion on two shades I had narrowed down. She choose the lighter shade but it didn’t have the yellow undertone I wanted. So I got the one which was a little darker in hope the yellow undertone would shine through. After getting home and trying it out now for a few weeks I can tell that the yellow isn’t as yellow say as EX1 or MAC NC but it’s better than other drugstore yellow toned foundation I can tell you that! A brighter side is you literally can’t even tell it is too dark for me because you can literally sheer it out and it goes lighter or build it up and it still isn’t noticeably darker. 1 point to NYX. One thing I like is it can be built up with 0 hassle, I own a few foundations that when its on and set it’s staying like that. I also like the feel and wear of the foundation it’s light and sets to a wet velvet feel. Of course with my oil skin I have to set it but I think this could be a great foundation for all skin types! Another great thing about this foundation is the brush! The brush is bomb I love it with all my foundations I think this is all over a great brush to add to your collection for £15.

Now for the bad, IT TAKES ME SO GOD DAMN LONG! It takes me a lot longer to apply this foundation because I’m not pumping it on the back of my hand I am literally trying to drop an extremely water foundation all over my face and blend it in quick before it travels down to my chin and drops off. It is so hard and also I have found dropping it on my face I ended up adding too much or apply one drop to one area then needing more and then ending up with too much. So the easiest way I have found to use this foundation is to basically squeeze nearly all the foundation out of dropper and then smear the glass rod like all over my face, if that makes sense lol. This way I find I’m able to spread the foundation on a surface area and them stippling in with the brush. I am 1005 aware that prob makes so sense much well done if you got that! Now my second and last bad point about this foundation is that there is so little product I have already used 1/4 of mine and I’ve used it about 5/6 times it just vanishes… 

Now you guys know I keep it 110% real. I know from this the good is out weighing the bad which is what I want when I’ve spent my money on something but I’ve got to tell you I was a little let down. So many people hyped this product up. After trying it I watched loads of tutorials and everyone says how amazing it is but to me it’s just a good foundation, I am sad to say it but it’s not going to be in my  favourites. Sorry NYX don’t hate me. I will obviously use it but I still love my MAC one a little more! 

Hope you enjoyed todays post guys, I really hope that when I am home from American and have more beauty items to play with I will find something I really love! See you next week…  


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