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Hi guys, welcome back to this weeks blog post! This week I have something very different and very exciting to share with you all. Recently I was invited to do a jewellery making class with Brittany at Noctua! She is an incredible young woman owning her own company creating beautiful pieces of hand made jewellery, from rings to earrings she has it all. She invited me down to create my own and honestly I was so excited, I am such a jewellery wh*re! I love jewellery and wear it every single day, if I ever forget it’s like forgetting my keys or phone, perfect way to add a little something to an outfit is adding pretty pieces of jewellery. At Noctua you can do a one on one silversmith workshop to a girls day out and make each other friendship rings. The possibilities are endless on what you can create!

Brittany was incredible and helped me make three beautiful pieces of jewellery! One was my silver knot ring! This is now a staple to my middle fingers and never leaves, I also stack it with some other silver pieces I always find myself wearing. It was fun and different to create something, call it your own and be so proud to wear it. The dainty piece was easy to make if you aren’t me who is weak as anything so of course Brittany gave me a helping hand showing me the whole process from start to finish! She was a great teacher and we went through each step together. Soon after I had the most precious piece of jewellery I own. The whole process is really fun but I have to admit my favourite part was polishing the ring, cleaning it all and seeing the silver really shine through was amazing.
We then went on to make another ring that held a beautiful gold stone in the centre an amazing orangey shimmer stone, very me lol! A part I loved in creating this ring was setting the stone into place, Brittany doesn’t use glue she uses an old fashioned technique of manipulating the silver to lock the stone in. She also caters for vegetarians and vegans who may not wish to use leather tools, she has rubber so don’t worry this is a post for everyone!

While chatting away to Brittany I told her how I could never find a pair of hoop earrings that are a good quality metal, they either bend, snapped or literally fell apart in my ears. She then very kindly made me a beautiful pair of hoops and attached some moonstone to hang from them! She let me get involved and I helped with attaching the moonstone to the silver to then be threaded onto the loop. Since that day I haven’t been able to take them out, I popped them in at the workshop and they’ve lived in my ears since.

A big reason why I loved the workshop so much was because of what I produced after it, I had two high quality rings and a beaut pair of hoops! Not only was I made up with the quality but also the effort, love and time that has gone into making these pieces of jewellery! It was also so rewarding to make something yourself, love it and wear it! These pieces now hold a very special place in my collection and I think it really is a great idea to create your own jewellery and have something really specific to your style all with the help from Brittany at Noctua.

She does run classes so you can grab a few pals or book a one on one class with her to create something really special! I think these classes are an incredible gift idea also as I know summer isn’t over yet but Christmas will be well on it’s way soon. I will leave her website linked below and instagram so you can check more out from her… You can also use the code ‘BitchinBlonde5’ to save £5 off a class!


INSTAGRAM | shop.noctua 

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post it was something a little different but I hope you guys loved it as much as I did writing it! See you next Friday…


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