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Welcome back to a different kind of style blog post! I am pretty sure I have reviewed makeup in the past, I know I have talked about loved products but I thought I would start doing small reviews of makeup items I pick up here and there. Starting off with Makeup Obsession Eyeshadows . I bought these a very long time ago, I used them, I took all the imagery but like many posts just never got round to writing up the review and it slowly made its way down the draft pile. But today like previous posts I have resurrected them!

So to start off why I picked these Makeup Obsession shadows up! I seen them on a new stand in Boots months ago (and I mean months and months ago), I thought they looked pretty interesting, nice shimmer shades, pigmented to the swatch and they looked like high quality drug store shadows. I learnt that you basically can buy the shadows individually or you pop them out the cases and click them into a palette. Thought this was a great way to customise a palette and know that you will use all the colours. Being able to create your own palette at such an affordable price I thought it is a win win situation and it is, I was able to browse shades from oranges to pinks to browns and choose exactly what I wanted. In total the palette cost me £18, £6 for the empty palette its self and then £2 on each shadow, pretty damn good quality £2 per shadow and they are large show pans not teeny tiny ones.

I used them a lot when I first got them but sadly I have returned back to old trusty faithful palettes but this doesn’t mean I won’t use them I just have a lot of orange eyeshadow to go through. The quality was a damn good quality for a 2 quid shadow, little too good if you ask me. While wearing the shadows I got a hell of a lot of compliments and I don’t really get randomers asking me what shadows I use. So I’ve gotta give it to the shadows because it isn’t my blending skills that got the compliments. I’d say over all the shadows are good quality they have pigment and they show up good event without  primer. The shadows wear well don’t crease or drop and are incredible for building other shadows on top off. I went to a Illamasqua event and I wore the whole palette on my eyes and while there one of the makeup artists 1. asked me what I had on and also built one of their shadows on top and they looked incredible together!

I’d say only down sides for the shadow quality would be kick back but you guys know I do not give a sh*t about that, it’ll never put me off using shadows but I mention it because it may out others off. Now I don’t want this review to come across like I dislike the product because the product itself I don’t hate but the packaging I dislike, but you pay for what you get. It is cheap, average plastic packaging and the shadows don’t click properly into the palette but again these minor things aren’t enough to put me off the product. My final down side would have been that at the time I was shopping I couldn’t find any warm tone brown shades even when I picked a bronzer to add to the palette it still wasn’t as warm as I wanted. However, I have recently been on the Boots website and found that they have 80 shadows online so they have a lot more than what I seen in store so hopefully now they have some warmer brown shades.

My overall view of these shadows is that they are good quality shadows in average plastic packaging nothing special but nothing awful! I will in the future again use them and I might purchase a bigger palette and try and add more funky shades to my collection but for the 6 shadow palette I created I like you but I think I do need to invest more time into wearing them. I would say if you are just starting to dabble in makeup or want to try out some cheap shadows instead of investing in the likes of MAC or Urban Decay etc these are a great choice! They could easily be great dupe for some more expensive shadows.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and it helped you wether you were deciding to but them or if you’re looking for new cheaper shadows! if you have tried their shadows before comment below and let me know your thoughts! See you next Friday but remember I am over on my youtube channel on Sundays!


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