A Summer In Liverpool!

Last year I wrote a post about what to do with the last of your summer days and since schools out and university’s long been out I thought I would write an updated version of what to do in Liverpool before summer ends. I will try and make these a little different from last year but let’s face it I am a creature of habit…

My Summer List  

1. Do some arts and crafts, this summer I want to build the camera Alex bought me for Christmas, yes Christmas. 

2. Go and eat in Changos Burrito, Dale Street, I’ve only heard good things.

3. Read a book, currently re started reading Game Of Thrones, obv. 

4. Have a picnic in Sefton Park

5. Grab a bottle on Hoopers D&B and doze in the sun. Exactly what me and Alex done after receiving an incredible package from Franklin & Sons and Hoopers!

6. Make a movie about summer, or your last few weeks left in summer.

7. Tick something off on your bucket list wether its sky diving or running a marathon, you’ve got time.

8. Do something for charity or donate if you can! amazing way to help your community.

9. Have a clean out of your wardrobe and get organised for Autumn approaching. Nothing better than a tidy room! You can also donate clothes to shelters!

10. Give blood, this is something I’ve wanted to do for so long and I think it is finally time. 

11. get to the Baltic Market and support some local independents! 

12. Re watch your favourite movie! Or go an see it in the Grand Central Dome with Independent Liverpool.

13. Visit your local museum or library and get lost…

14. Start a diary, I have tried to do this so many times but I keep failing so maybe this summer I will start one…

15. Tell the people you love that you love them, it is that simple…

I hope you liked this weeks post! Just a little reminder that there is so much out there to do we’ve just gotta get up and grab life!

See you next Friday… 


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