Second Year Of University

If you guys have been keeping up with me on insta and twitter you will have seen that at the end of April I finished my second year at university. It was crazy to say the least. I honestly near cried with happiness and also sadness on April 28th. So today I thought I’d tell give you guys another realisation list (pssst I did one for first year too – HERE). So here is what I learnt at second year at university.

1. University is expensive and I’m not talking about the £9000. Yes university is stupidly expensive so far I’ve racked up 18,000+ in debt but not only that I have to pay for A LOT on my course. Creating sketchbook, digital books and printing books comes at a pretty penny, who am I kidding it’s not pretty at all it’s a fucking ugly lot of pennies. 

2. A cup of good old tea is an essential in all lectures, seminars and workshops. 

3. Your friends aren’t just friends they are you support system and it’s completely okay to give up and order deliveroo with them, they support your decision to do so. 

4. Now this point isn’t something university taught me because I  always do it but I urge any uni goers reading this to do so START ALL ASSIGNMENTS ASAP! Trust me this is the secret to passing university and also lots of references thats also key. 

5. Having breakdowns can be positive, you have a break down you make a cuppa tea grab some biscuits and get back to it!

6. Something I realised this year was working alone or in silence is incredible for productivity. So yes maybe I shouldn’t leave university early but sometimes the classrooms to loud for me to focus.

7.BACK UP YOUR USB! Also name it, those tiny pesky buggers are easy to loose/leave in your dressing gown pocket. 

8. You become a magpie, you literally pick anything and everything up because you never know when it could come in handy. E.G I took a leaflet off a lamppost in Berlin because it had a cool font – I then used this in a font project I had at uni 2 months later. 

9. You feel every single emotion in the world, from happy to sad in 0.3 seconds. Handing in a assignment and getting another one. You get all the feels.

10. Finally after all of this you think your finished, your last deadline date roles around and you think finally sometime to myself. AHAHAH no you have your dissertation research to do. lol enjoy summer kids…

Hope you guys enjoyed todays read let me know how your university experience is going I would love to hear! Tweet me @tisdaleerin


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