Meet Frank | Review

Meet Frank based at Ghetto Golf in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool. A fast food vendor that gives a whole new image to hotdogs and chips. These guys mean business when it comes to food making, from their insane recipes like pomegranate ketchup and cool neon relish these guys top any take out. When I received the email to pop down to try their food me and Alex were made up for it as we have both eaten at Meet Frank at Ghetto golf but also in Independent Liverpool events, we are real fans of the fried food. So we set the date and strolled down to the Baltic Triangle to give it another taste test.

I stuck to being safe and got my usual, the ‘Halloumi Dog’. Now I’m sure my veggie pals out their understand how annoying it is when the veggie options suck or when you order a halloumi burger and it is basically missing the cheese?! Well these guys don’t hold back, I hit a cheese coma while finishing off my dog. It is topped with butter fried crispy onions and of course that sweet pomegranate ketchup I mentioned earlier. By far the most enjoyable messy eat ever! I decided to top my halloumi dog off with some courgette chips, I’m usually a sweet potato kinda gal but lately I’ve been loving deep fried courgette, plus it’s a vegetable so it makes it a little healthier right?

Alex got himself the ‘Big Smokey’ which was a combination of bacon, onions, pickles and peppers! It is safe to say that he inhaled his along with his chips of choice which were mixed fries topped with chilli, sour cream, guacamole and Alex’s favourite jalapeƱos. Now we sampled just a  few treats of the menu but their menu is really big, catering for vegans, veggies, gluten free and meat eaters so there is something for everyone at Meet Frank! I think next time I will step out of my safe zone and try the Veggie Frank along with the halloumi bites, because I honestly cant get enough cheese in my life.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little extra post today! See you guys on Friday…



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