Balancing Student Life!

If any of you guys are super close to me or follow my ramblings on twitter you may know that I do A LOT of stuff! From being a student, working, doing work experience to support uni and run my blog and YouTube channel part time (LINKS BELOW!). Now I think that is a hell of a lot of things I have on my plate and I’m not complaining because I enjoy them all but something I am constantly told that I am taking on too much and I get a lot of friends and peers asking me how I cope. The answer is I have 0 idea. But honestly jokes aside it’s not easy I find it incredibly hard but I want to push myself to achieve the best for myself and future! However, sometimes things are a little too busy and I do have to not post on YouTube sometimes or do late uploads which sucks but it isn’t my job I don’t get paid it’s for fun and sometimes the funs gotta stop. I need to get good grades to benefit my future and I need a job to help support paying for things for university. But today I am going to share what I do to help stay on top of everything, in hope that this may help some of you even if you don’t have all this on your plate university is still hard and sometimes it is hard to keep on top of those papers!


1. When you get the work do it straight away (if possible). The worst thing I think anyone can do is leave your work to fester for weeks, the sooner it’s done the better. If not slowly the pile will increase and you’ll never be able to get over it.
2. ‘To Do Lists’ help a lot but do not over do it don’t write a stupidly long list you won’t finish. Set realistic targets this way you won’t get to dulled down when you don’t finish a list. This is something I’ve recently learnt and it’s really helped me a lot to de-stress.
3. Set days aside, as important as it is to me to earn money to pay for the things I need/want in life I also think putting my £9000 course ahead is more important. Set aside days that you know you will always have free to do uni work and other things like work experience etc.
4. Understand what needs to go first on your list, unfortunately taking blog pictures has to come after writing case studies, essays and endless pages of sketchbooks.
5. It’s okay to cry and have meltdowns this doesn’t mean you’re going to fail. You’re going to get up wipe those tears away, make yourself a sugary cup of tea get into your dressing gown and crack on, keep going and don’t stop till the minute before your deadline. It will all be worth it in the end.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and if you have any tips for me please comment and let me know! See you guys next Friday…



  1. Jessica
    March 3, 2017 / 5:28 pm

    I don't think people realise how hard it is to blog and do other stuff full-time. Like, we are really doing multiple jobs at once. We must be cray cray.xoxoJ fromThe Crown Wings

    • Erin Tisdale
      March 5, 2017 / 4:54 pm

      It is super hard as well as juggling a job and work experience! Nut I hope my advice can help someone out there…x

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