We Need To Talk About Elf!

If you guys have been following me for a while you will know I visited New York City back in early September. While there I picked myself up a hell of a lot of makeup including two Elf highlighters which when I switched broke my highlighting heart. There was just no pigment or a swatch for that matter. Watch my first impressions HERE! Then recently I found myself watching a Jeffree Star video were he used the exact highlighting I bought from Elf HERE!, it showed up beaming on his face but why not mine?! I had no idea and then ran back to my makeup draw and tried watching it with different brushes and still nothing. Then another video by Jeffree followed in which he said that people had commented telling him to scratch the top layer on the highlighters in order to get them to work better HERE. I thought okay its a $3 highlighter i’ll scratch the F out of this to get it to work. Surprise surprise it worked, and yes I am super happy despite them not being my favourite highlighter ever they are my favourite highlighters for $3. It can be a little bit chunky and tend to fall out but with a wet highlighter underneath it leaves a beautiful beam across my ‘cheekbones’ and thats all I want from a highlighter. For $3 I’d say grab one and test it out for yourself as there is defiantly a way to makes these stars shine.
Now I have only scratched part of the shadows because I do actually use them occasionally swept over my forehead, for me it give a subtle (VERY SUBTLE) glow which I don’t mind I assume when they haven’t been scratched they give the same effect as the Hourglass powders but I’m still yet to try them…


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