Best Bitchin’Bargain

This week I had a real cute idea for a nice little OOTD, but then last Sunday something happened which changed my wardrobe forever. I was pottering around town with Alex and I wanted to go into TKmaxx to have a little look at the homeware (of course). Just before leaving I thought to have a quick look in the shoe department, I never really find anything but something just dragged me over. Good job it did. I spotted on the top shelf a pair of incredible pink velvet heeled boots (I know pink?! me who knew). I grabbed them down to try them on and noticed that the label inside said NastyGal. I was in utter shock that TKmaxx had 1. incredible shoes but 2. they were from an amazing brand. Now you can get NG in the UK but you have to pay some pretty big customs fees something I dislike. While trying to get over the shock of falling in love with shoes I then noticed the price… £25 from £135 I was like holy shit let me buy them all. Basically that’s what I did I tried on a 5 and a half (usually a 5) they fitted perfectly and off I strolled to the tills. On my way I seen a black pair and thought they cant be my size and from NG and they were, I ran back to Alex with complete child like excitement screaming and shouting omg Nasty Gal £25. I don’t think I made much sense but he got the gist that I was buying both. I’m never usually a brand person I mostly wear whatever I like from where ever, but these I thought were just a must have considering it is super expensive to have them sent to the UK.
I am planning on doing a little OOTD now with the pink ones maybe even both but I just thought I needed to share my best buy so far of 2017 and urge you boot loving bitches to get down to TKmaxx ASAP!

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