Berlin & Prague | Photo Diary

Recently a few of you guys may know that I’ve been a little globetrotter visiting Berlin and Prague in the first week of January. I know what a way to bring in the new year ey! I thought that even though I have done a little home made movie which you can watch HERE I thought it would still be nice to share a few of my favourite snaps while I was away… So heres a little sneak peak into my album.


Berlin – A city of adventure. There is so much to do and see that you can’t do it all in a short weekend. Even though me and Ali got to see so much and he got to find some great information for his dissertation. We just couldn’t get around to everything. It is kinda sad but it just means we’ll have to go back. I loved Berlin especially when we had a small snow fall it looked so beautiful and it was amazing going round all the tourist stop points and driving around the city getting a real feel of what it would be like to live there. One of my favourite parts about Berlin was all the incredible street art, any building is a great blank canvas for an artist to work on…


Prague – A city of relaxation. I booked Prague for Alex’s 21st (Berlin was also his birthday celebration, lucky boy). I read up about the city and found that honestly there is not much to do there but walk around and take in the beautiful city. He had always wanted to go and I read that it was a great time to go in winter (if you enjoy -15 degrees). I surprised him and honestly we both loved it, it was the perfect romantic get away to finish of out little european trip. Honestly my favourite parts of Prague were to walk over the Charles Bridge everyday, there is nothing like that view, not the Empire State building can compete. An of course my second favourite part was the John Lennon wall. I felt so homesick while we were away and going here just brought back to me how in love with Liverpool I am. With a man singing all the best Beatles songs and seeing a ‘Don’t Buy The Sun’ sticker, nothing made more proud to be a scouser. 


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